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The Best Travel Apps for Savvy Globe Trotters In 2019

The best travel apps streamline your budget and itinerary so you can focus on the experience.

We are living in an age of previously unimaginable mobility. Cheaper and more accessible than ever, international travel is one more way we stay connected.

Millennials and Generation Z are especially mobile. These digital natives travel more frequently and to more destinations than any other group.

The Best Apps for Travel


If you’re planning a trip this year, you’re definitely not alone. In 2017, the travel industry grew faster than any other sector and contributed about 10.4% to global GDP.

So it should come as no surprise then that some of the most sought-after apps for iPhone and Android are trip planning apps and travel apps.

The Best International Travel Apps

Technology is changing the way we travel. Online flight and hotel booking services have made travel agents a thing of the past. It’s now easier than ever to research, plan, book, and manage a trip using just our smartphones.

There is an abundance of travel apps designed to make travelers’ lives easier. But some are better than others.

We are going to assume you already use Google Maps, Facebook, and Airbnb.

We are interested in the new, the particularly savvy, and the disruptive. Apps that give travelers the competitive edge.

If you want to save money, fit more in, and make the most of your trip, don’t leave the house without these five must-have travel apps.

1] Hopper

Hopper does what we love tech to do. It takes a winning formula like an online booking service and enhances its relevance to solve a problem all travelers are familiar with.

Hopper is a flight search and booking app that tells you when prices for your trip are most competitive.

The Hopper app is built around a predictive algorithm that analyses massive amounts of pricing data. You’ll get a notification when prices fall and before they are likely to rise again.

We’ve all played the waiting game hoping our plane ticket or hotel room will be cheaper if we buy tomorrow or next week. And we’ve all cursed ourselves for not booking a ticket a week before when we saw a good price. Hopper helps you make an informed decision about when to book. You can search, reserve and pay for trips securely in the app.

The Hopper app is available for iOS and Android. It’s free to download and ad-free, but a $5 commission goes to Hopper when you book a trip.

Hopper compares and notifies you of hotel prices at your destination too, but at this stage, only a few locations are offered.

We know that there is sometimes seemingly little sense in pricing. Hopper debunks traveler myths like “cheap Tuesday” and “it’s better to book at midnight” and replaces them with robust predictions based on rational assumptions. That makes it the best app for cheap flights you need for your trip.

2] WiFi Map

An app that scans all possible public wi-fi networks in your vicinity is a no-brainer when you’re traveling.

The search for public wi-fi networks is something all travelers can relate to. Even though they can be unsafe, public wi-fi helps preserve your precious data. If you want to share video or keep up to date with your favorite TV show from home, using public networks will minimize your roaming charges.

There are quite a few options when it comes to wi-fi scanning apps. But the community feature that allows users to share information about different networks sets WiFi Map apart.

Users can enter password details and comment on the strength and speed of each network. The feature is ideal for streamers and downloaders who want to avoid slow connections.

The app is available on iOS and Android and uses an intuitive map interface. It also has an offline mode so you can save wi-fi points and find the next connection spot without using up your data.

WiFi Map lists all the networks within a one-mile (1.6 kilometre) radius. The basic version is free. There is a paid version, which lets you save your favorite networks and passwords.

Be aware that the WiFi Map hinges on trust. There is no process to verify the accuracy of the information, so you’ll have to rely on community integrity.

3] CyberGhost VPN

The importance of using a high-quality VPN app while you’re traveling can’t be overstated.

A secure VPN changes your IP address so you can stream your favorite series without running into geo-blocks. If you’re traveling to a country with online censorship you can change your IP address to get around those filters, too.

If you want to stream, you should keep in mind that server speeds vary between VPNs. There are quite a few VPN apps around, but one of the fastest and most competitive on the market is CyberGhost according to vpnMentor.

In the CyberGhost app, you can choose an IP address and location from 59 countries worldwide. That means you can switch from the UK to the USA, and back again, without moving a muscle. It uses a slick, user-friendly map interface so you can easily see where you are connected to. You can switch locations as many times as you like.

CyberGhost encrypts your traffic so you can book flights and access your bank accounts without worrying about hackers or online trackers. That’s crucial if you’re using public wi-fi networks. Public wi-fi, can be easily intercepted and used to access your device and private information like banking passwords.

CyberGhost also has a feature that will block ads and malware hiding in websites and third-party applications. The app is free to download but you pay for the service on a subscription basis. Subscriptions are very affordable and if you’re taking a short trip you can sign-up and get a refund under the 45-day money-back guarantee.

The Best Travel Apps To Use



Everyone wants beautiful images and videos to show at the end of their trip.

Even if you’re a serious photographer and usually carry a camera with you, baggage limitations mean travelers must make tough choices. Luckily, your smartphone’s built-in camera is likely advanced enough to capture stunning shots while you’re on the go. Even better, you can just pop it in your pocket so you’re always ready at the perfect moment.

What you really need is an advanced and user-friendly editing app. With an editing app, you can adjust color, fix blur, and put the finishing touches on your image when you’re back at your hotel.

VSCO is the it-girl of the photo editing crowd. Sure, you can use your in-phone camera editing platform or Instagram, but VSCO offers advanced editing options and filters.

VSCO is free to download but some of the filters in the library cost money to use. The premium version costs $20 a year and grants unlimited access to the editing library. The free version will probably be enough for beginners, but premium is the best choice for a professional finish, according to photography blog fstoppers.

The app is available on iOS and Android. It has its own social network, but you can also use it to share your images on your preferred social page.

5] Trip Case

Tripcase is like a travel agent and personal assistant you can fit in your pocket.

It lets you view and manage all your reservations in one integrated platform, including flights, accommodation, rental cars, and concerts. No more toggling between apps to get the information you need to check-in and get to where you’re going.

Tripcase helps more than 30 million travelers manage their trips a year. It notifies you if your gate changes or if your flight is delayed or canceled.

If something goes wrong, you can view your options for a replacement flight and make an alternative booking in the app. You can view your seating plan, change your seat, and get information about baggage claim when you disembark.

Action View displays important phone numbers related to your reservations in case you need to get in touch with your hotel or tour operator. It also includes an 11-day weather forecast so you can pack accordingly.

A map and real-time directions feature will guide you to your next destination when you choose it in the app. You can book an Uber in the app and see discounts and promotions offered by venues and services close to you.

Tripcase is free and available in nine languages. It’s available on iOS and Android.


The best trip planner is available on your iPhone or Android. Travel apps are shaking up the travel industry and putting control back in your hands. Get the most out of your trip and make innovative traveling apps an essential part of your packing list.

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