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3 Tips to take the Hell Out of Social Media Websites

Social Media Websites

Social Media Websites – Facebook , Twitter , Google + we all use them but why? Some people use them for a time pass some peoples use them to engage with their friends and family ,some peoples do social media marketing ,some peoples get a good amount of traffic from it even some people make big money out of it. 🙂 We bloggers are doing some points which I already mentioned above like we all are trying to get traffic from facebook, even some people use twitter to bring traffic to their blogs.

Social Media Websites

Day by day social media websites are growing like a boss. Even if you take LinkedIn one person is joining LinkedIn every 2 seconds and that’s simply amazing. So what we bloggers can do is take the hell out of your social media profile and getting a good exposure, brand perfection and indeed a good amount of traffic  too.The first thing we need is followers. The more followers we have the more we get out of our social media profiles.So what everyone can do is googling 😛 Yeah suppose if someone is asking you to bring twitter followers or facebook followers what will you do ? In my case I’ll googling it like “how to get twitter followers ” or ” How to get more followers on Instagram ” blah blah blah! Here you have to understand one thing. One does not simply get 1000+ followers.All you have to do is work a lot and bring more connection.Always nationality helps a lot, if you can make natural changes then everything’s fine. Any ways let me explain you the 3 Tips to Take the hell out of your Social Media Websites. 🙂

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Tips to Take the hell out of your Social Media Websites

 Keep Track On Users

So you’ve a social media profile and your main motive is to grab some good amount of traffic from it. So all you have to do is understanding how your users or followers or readers work! I mean if you know your followers interest or if you know where they hangout or even if you know their complete story then tracking them in your way is very easy. So all you can do is analyzing them. Analyze all your readers or followers and create stuffs which grab their attention.This is not a rocket science method keep in mind it takes time.

Social Media Websites

Use the Resources

Social Media websites like facebook and twitter etc are having many features to help you out on any social media stuffs. You can see some peoples are using so many hashtags on their post on facebook as well as on twitter but why? Its because they know these hashtags are getting a lot of clicks and reach.So always analyzing helps to grow up your social presence.

Experimenting is one of the best way to know how things work. You may have a facebook page or an article profile if you do then always try some best experiments to know the interest of your followers and even to know what probably they like.Target them and shoot a post.Traffic will grow like anything. 🙂

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Play Safe Games

As I said social media websites play a major role in growing up your blog but keep in mind a single negative review can kill the complete exposure of your blogs. Everything’s in your hand.Even some people asks me how to delete all tweets from my account because I’ve made some major mistakes with my tweets. What will you do if you get into such situation, thank god I knew the method and I wrote an article for topic tweet delete and answered his questions.So play safe ,even you can see many peoples getting trolled on facebook. So keep your side safe 🙂

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  • To a blogger, social media websites are a great source to get quick traffic. In facebook, we can find many groups under our niche. So it will be so easy to get targeted traffic to our blog. Plus twitter, linkedin and other social media sites are also really effective.

    Nice tips to know more about social media. 🙂