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Top 9 Tech Gadgets for Bloggers

Have you ever sat down and started a blog? If you have, then you know that blogging can take up a lot of time and energy. Inspiration for blogs can strike at any time and anywhere, making bloggers constantly on the lookout for new ideas.

Tech Gadgets for Bloggers

If you are or have a blogger in your life, then you know that anything that can make blogging easier is a good thing. Did you know that tech and gadgets today have advanced so much that there are some that can make the life of a blogger easier?

A blogger’s life can be made easier with the use of a few excellent tech gadgets and a few more that are just nice to have. Sometimes a gadget that keeps one sane is enough to convince you to get it.

Best Tech Gadgets for Bloggers

Here is a list of some of the most desired and fun to have technological gadgets any blogger would love to have in their life.

1] Laptop

Among the top gadgets is a laptop. Blogging can be done from anywhere as long as there is something to blog on. Therefore, one of the best laptops for bloggers is an excellent piece of technology for a blogger.

Being able to have a portable computer with you will make it easier for you to tackle blogging when inspiration strikes instead of having to wait. Furthermore, you can bring your laptop to your favorite coffee hub and enjoy a change of scenery while you blog.

Make sure that when you choose a laptop, you are picking one that has a good amount of storage in it. Moreover, you want one that is not too heavy or large because you are going to be carrying this around with you are attending expos, or conduct interviews.

2] Smartphone

Most people today carry around a cellphone. However, for the blogger, you want a smartphone. These phones are constantly crossing boundaries and becoming increasingly more progressive technologically.

In many cases, a smartphone is a great substitute when you don’t have a laptop on hand. Having a smartphone with access to data allows you to keep in contact with clients while on the move.

Additionally, you have access to cool tools like Siri or Cortana to help you research. The amount of smartphone choices there spoils you are on the market, so pick the platform that works best for you.

Another great reason that a smartphone is an essential tool for bloggers is that many of them can connect with your laptop when you are on the go.  Therefore, any bookmarks, favorites, notes you keep on your phone you can access on your laptop and vice versa.

3] Remote Router or WiFi Finder

Blogging isn’t blogging without access to the internet. Therefore, even when you are in areas without free WiFi, you can blog when you have a remote router. This device is designed to give you access to data internet the way your smartphone has it.

Furthermore, if you are experiencing a bad connection, it is a good idea to have a backup to keep you online when you need it. These tools are especially good to have it you are traveling and need access to WiFi in remote or unconnected areas.

A WiFi Finder is a great tool for bloggers. When you don’t have access to a remote router or cannot use your phone’s data, as in the case of traveling across borders, a WiFi finder can help you locate where there is free WiFi in the vicinity of where you are working. Having a WiFi Finder when you are traveling ensures that you are connected even when you worry that you won’t be.

4] Digital Camera and Mic

Bloggers rely on what they can capture daily to help them produce the most accurate content. Therefore, a good digital camera and microphone are good tools to have as a blogger. You want to be able to snap those pictures and share them as your blog about certain places, people and things.

Therefore, an investment in a good digital camera for taking pictures and a microphone for conducting interviews or making mental notes is an excellent choice when it comes to tech gadgets for bloggers.

Make sure when you choose a digital camera that you are getting one worth the investment. You may want one that allows you to take videos and allows you to upload directly to video websites like YouTube. Furthermore, a camera that can take stills and videos can help you put together some great multi-leveled blogs.

5] External Hard Drive

An external hard drive is an absolute must-have for the blogger. Since both your smartphone and your laptop can come with very limited storage capabilities, you want to have additional storage handy.

You don’t need to spend exuberant amounts of time going through all your content to determine what needs to be deleted when you have extra storage space.

As you take those digital photos and videos, it is good to have a place to put them all without using up all the storage on your smartphone or laptop. Furthermore, in a day and age where online corruption is everywhere, having a place to keep your information safe that is not connected helps to keep your material safe from hackers or malware.

Top Gadgets for Bloggers

6] Printer and Scanner

Blogging is a job that can be done remotely, and it can entail many different criteria depending on who you are blogging for on any given day. As all professional bloggers know, guest posting is essential to bringing traffic to your blog.

However, many sites that allow guest posts have strict requirements that can be difficult to follow when you are going through the blogging process. A good printer and scanner allow you to have access to requirements in hard copy so that you don’t miss anything.

Furthermore, a scanner is a great tool to have when you need to sign contracts or want to view images that you have as hard copies. Even if you don’t use your printer or scanner often, you are going to be happy that you have them when you need them.

Another great reason to have a printer is that you can print out articles, blogs, and much more that you need to comb through and use any travel time to do that. You don’t have to be tied to a computer to get some work done when you have the ability to print it out.

7] Smart Pen

Smartpen is definitely one of the must-have tools for a blogger. A smartpen allows you to take physical notes when looking at something, conducting an interview or when inspiration hits.

What makes a smartpen a good choice for bloggers is that anything you write down can be transferred to a digital copy when you want. These pens allow you to see what you are writing on your smartphone or laptop in real-time and they can even take notes and keep a digital copy of it when offline.

8] Recording Device

If you don’t want to use up your entire phone worth of storage, a good item for a blogger to have is a portable recording device. This device allows you to record interviews, unveilings, and conferences so that you can go back and reference what was said when you are trying to fill in the gaps of your notes and just can’t remember what was said.

Furthermore, having a recording device allows you to have an accurate recreation of what was talked about at all times. Being able to know the word for word what someone said is especially useful when you are putting in quotes or wanting to keep track of a sequence of events.

9] Coffee Machine

Like any good writer, a blogger is going to want to take a break once in a while. Coffee is generally the go-to beverage for those who spend long hours looking at the written word or who are writing. Therefore, though a coffee machine isn’t an absolute necessity, many bloggers will argue that a good one is a great idea to have.

Getting a coffee maker that brews individual cups like a Keurig or a Tassimo is a good option for those who only like a cup of coffee here and there. However, if you are going to drink copious amounts of coffee, then getting a homebrewer is a better idea so that you can make coffee by the pot full.


Being a blogger means you are always on the go and always need to be connected. The best tech gadgets for bloggers listed above are the best tools any professional blogger is going to need and want to make their lives easier. Some of these gadgets are especially useful if you are a travel blogger, attending conferences or expos and unveilings.

A blogger relies on technology to keep them going, and for that, there needs to be in constant access to the best tech on the market. Check out NetBookNews to find out more about some of the latest technology that can make the life of any blogger easier and more complete.

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