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U&Me Plus, The Enterprise Mobility Solution, Targeting Global Markets With Its Innovative Features

The business software could discover something from the consumer facet. This is what laid the foundation stone for the enterprise mobile messenger ‘U&Me Plus’, a platform provided by U&Me Communication that seeks to combine the best of consumer ease, with the essentials of enterprise communication.

Enterprise Mobility Solution – U&Me Plus

U&Me - Enterprise Mobility Solution

U&Me – Enterprise Mobility Solution

“The mode which people choose to communicate with each other in their personal lives influences their preference towards the mode of communication at workplace”, said U&Me Plus’s CEO Srinivas Oddati. He also added that, from the initial days of personal computers and email, communication technologies have made their entry to the workplace, as people tend to bring them to the office. So it is a clear message that mobile messaging will follow the same path. He also says that mobile messaging will ultimately become a very prominent mode of communication that people use to communicate with, stay in touch with, and collaborate with their co-workers’.

The app launched in November 2014 with many features that are simple and helpful for workplace communication. To mention, the application doesn’t need phone numbers to communicate, contrasting to other consumer chat applications such as WhatsApp.

U&Me Plus application integrates into your office directory thus eliminating the need to swap phone numbers every time. This app matches the email’s domain name, as the people in the business world mostly prefer to identify themselves with their work email addresses rather than personal indicators.

Another benefit of U&Me Plus in addition to not using mobile numbers is that it can be installed over multiple devices, implying that co-workers need not to be available at the desk or some devices to get messages.
“Mobile texting is more real time compared with other technologies that are out there, for example, email. As everyone have their mobile device available with them all the time, it helps you to attend to messages immediately” said Srinivas.

He mentions businesses that have embraced the application, like those in healthcare and hospitality. Most of the workers, they never used a PC at work, yet their smartphones are taking their place.

For hospitality teams, U&Me Plus not only permits the management to send notifications and updates to its employees, but also lays a new channel of communication. Srinivas, also said U&Me Plus has been used by a variety of businesses spanning from large, medium and small scale organizations. Anyone can download and use this app for Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows. U&Me Plus offers a range of premium options for businesses who seek admin control and need features to release the app within in the organization, or to personalize alerts and track employee engagement. The CEO of U&Me Plus also said that the app meets the compliance with all kind of security standards that an organization would have.

U&Me Plus - Enterprise Mobility Solution

U&Me Plus – Enterprise Mobility Solution

The reason which makes companies adopt U&Me Plus is its competence to help employees stay in touch real-time which reduces the need for catch-up of weekly meetings. Also, it significantly reduces the bulky and long email chains which are troublesome.

U&Me Plus’s security and collaboration features are a unique selling point that helps companies to take a decision about upgrading the subscription to a premium level. Many of us have had the habit of messaging our co-workers about the office matters, yet we had to restrict the topics that we chat on messages due to security reasons. So when an enterprise-grade messaging app comes into the picture, we can privately and securely discuss about any topic and even share the confidential office documents with the guarantee that data would be secure within the boundaries of the business, so definitely it is a game changer.

Companies can use U&Me Plus app in lot many ways, like sending notifications to staff that lunch has arrived, or announcing some key news, or enabling the product teams solve the issue immediately when they are working remotely.

“I feel people inherently recognize that some things can be better communicated via texting though for some other communication email is still better,” Srinivas said. The company U&Me Communication has recently signed a Global Distribution Partnership with an Australian company Private Equity Gateway (PEG) to take U&Me Plus to the global markets. Also, the company has plans to sign new partnerships with others too.

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