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How to Building Your E-Mail List

While PPC and social media have become the more prominent methods of online marketing, e-mail is still incredibly popular and has the ability to produce great results. Regularly communicating directly with your website visitors is key to building long-term relationships, which can then generate more sales.

Ways to Building Your E-Mail List

But actually building a list of people who have subscribed to your e-mails can be tricky, and without a substantial number, you won’t notice much of an impact. Here, we’re going to discuss the importance of a good e-mail list and offer a few tips as to how you can grow yours.

Why Its Important

If your website is in a competitive field, then it’s likely your ‘opponents’ are already using every strategy possible to take traffic away from you – one of which will probably be e-mail marketing. Starting your own campaign might not give you an advantage, but it will prevent you from falling behind.

But that’s not the only reason to do it. The fact is, it will be of huge benefit to your website. Once you’ve established a core group of readers you can consistently encourage them to visit your site whenever new content is available. Most people won’t take the time to unsubscribe – so once they’ve signed up, you’re likely to have access to their eyes for a long time.

Make Subscribers Convinced to Open Your Newsletter

Subscribe Button



The most basic step. If you don’t already have an e-mail list, then it’s likely that you don’t have a way for people to subscribe. All you have to do is present your visitors with a button that says ‘Subscribe Here’ – or something similar. Make sure it’s highly-visible and not hidden somewhere down the page.

Some websites might choose to include a pop-up on their site, and ask users to subscribe that way. It’s completely up to you – this may increase visibility, but people don’t tend to like pop-ups and might get annoyed with you.

Create Great Content

Create Great Content

Create Great Content

If your e-mails are of poor standard – i.e. they don’t have much content, bad spelling/grammar or are not relevant – then people are going to hit unsubscribe. They’re also not going to recommend your website to their friends and colleagues, so you’ll be losing out on growing your list.

However, if you do regularly send out amazing content, stuff that is detailed, well thought out and appealing to the viewer, then they might be willing to share it. Asking them to do this never hurts either.

Special Offers

Special Offers

Special Offers

Some people just aren’t interested in signing up to mailing lists, and there’s very little you can do to convince them that your content is worth it. However, throw a special offer into the mix, or perhaps launch a competition, and people’s interest will begin to peak.

Think about what you can give away – it will be depend entirely on the nature of your business/website. Promote the fact that you’re offering something – you’ll probably be able to get away with utilizing pop-ups in this instance.
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