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20 of the Best Online Tools for Newbie Bloggers

We shape our tools and afterwards our tools shape us.

– Marshall McLuhan

Proper and perfect tools are very much-needed to get tasks done. Trying to cut a tree with scissors is just insane, isn’t it?

First off all, no matter how much energy you put into it, it won’t give you the results of the same magnitude (leaving behind only a scar on the bark of the tree, nothing else) and it’s time-consuming.

What about chain-saw? Powerful, efficient and time-saving. Which tool do you want to cut the tree? Chainsaw or the scissors?

Best Online Tools for Newbie Bloggers

Best Online Tools for Newbie Bloggers

In the war-like competition scenario of today’s world, it’s better to be well-equipped with guns and grenades than with swords and shields. You can only achieve success and progress forward only if you have got the right tools. And if you are a newbie, it’s really hard to attain success without the right tools.

So, here we are with a list of some of the best online tools every newbie should use!


Founded by one of the co-founders of Facebook, Dustin Moskovitz, Asana is a great and awesome project management tool. It gives you a boost in productivity, makes work go more efficient and saves a lot of precious time. You can create, edit, and assign tasks to your co-members.

It has it’s very own Android and iOS apps, so you can track all of your projects on the go. The best part about Asana is that it’s a completely feature-rich management tool and it’s free to use!




If you are looking for a great alternative to Asana, then Basecamp is what you need. Unlike Asana, it’s a paid tool, but it does comes packed with several awesome features. You can can message other members, have private conversations with them and many more advanced features. It has maximum reach due to its android and iOS applications, so you can carry your projects remotely.

Starting plan costs about $20 per month which gives you 3 GB of space and allocation of 10 projects.


Today’s world is all about cloud computing. It’s highly probable that you have used DropBox at least one time before readings this article. DropBox has certainly changed the way we work, it has revolutionize the way we work.

You can attach files to your dropbox account, it will then upload to its cloud servers. After that, you can access your files from anywhere around the world by login-ing into your account.

There’s variety of plans starting from 2 GB free space to pro package which costs about 10$ and gives you 100 GB of space.

If portability is an issue, Dropbox will certainly help you out with that.

Google Apps

Google Apps

Google Apps

Just like dropbox, you might have been start using Google Apps. Google Apps has an awesome suite of applications which will help you get things done efficiently and save some precious time. The suite comes with several applications such as Gmail, Hangouts, Drive, Docs and many other superb tools.

For the first month, you can use all of Google’s apps for free. After the first month, there’s plan starting from as low as $5.


Want relief from password typing? 1Password is here to help. I guess you all have some pretty hard and complex passwords (you should definitely have one). 1 Password will help you in giving a boost to your work flow and saving lots of time by automatically putting up your username and password. It’s an amazing plugin designed for improving your productivity time.

Just install the browser extension of the browser you are using and you are good to go.

Powerful Tools for Startups


Evernote is an amazing tool which helps you take notes. But it’s not just a note-taking application.



Got any idea about any article? Save it as a note in Evernote and it saves it in the cloud. You can access your notes from anywhere in the world in any device to look at your ideas.You can attach photos, videos, doodles and many other advanced features to your notes, to make it more useful. It’s the app which is useful for almost every professional from designers to coders.

Just download the application, register yourself up and you are good to go. The basic app is free to all the users and premium plans start from as low as 5$ per month which gives you access to several advanced features such as offline file access to start off with.


Todoist is an extremely popular tool with over 2 million users all over the world. It is an to-do app, you can make up your schedule at the start of the day and access it over various devices to stick up with your schedule. You can even start collaborating with your friends on certain tasks just like Asana and Basecamp. The interface is simple and easy to use.

It’s based on a freemium model and has both free and paid option, though free version gets you most of the things done.




If you are looking for an alternative to Todoist, then TeuxDeux proves to be one of the great alternative to it. It has got a clean and simple interface, you can plan your tasks in the calendar or in a column.

TeuxDuex comes with 3-month trial period (which is pretty long and good) and charges 3$ per month after that.

Microsoft OneNote

Just like Evernote, Microsoft OneNote offers a similar service which you should definitely try.n

It’s been new to the market, but has been getting quite good and positive reviews. For the new users, OneNote is free. Also it comes bundled with the Office Suite.




Draft is an awesome and an amazing tool for writers and for every writing purposes. It has got several innovative and amazing features which you can’t find anywhere else! Be it a small story or a big novel, Draft will always be the tool for you.

Some of the amazing features include collaborating with other writers and folks in real-time, you can revert back to any previous draft version. Like if you saved a draft today and saved a draft tomorrow. By the day-after tomorrow, you can access both the drafts! Isn’t it amazing?

The interface is clean and easy-to-use and no much fancy work which helps in writing efficiently.

Tired and annoyed of all the newsletters you get in your inbox? will help you get rid of it like a boss!

It’s a great tool to optimize and clean up your inbox. Most of the time we subscribe to some newsletters on way to purchase some product. And after that you start getting continuous mails from them.

What does is that it analyzes your inbox and searches for all these types of mail. From there, you can either unsubscribe from all of them at once or ‘roll them up’–meaning instead of getting large number of emails, it will send all the newsletter in one mail.




With the coming of Internet, everything has gone online. Most of transaction goes online, from buying something on any e-commerce website to getting money delivered by PayPal, there are endless options. But it’s really hard to track all of your transactions.

Mint helps you track all of your money.It has a really cool and clean interface which shows all of your recent transactions, and links all of your bank account, credit card, debit card at one location.


Timely is a great time-tracking app. You can schedule your time in advance in tasks like working on assignments, meetings or any other task. It helps you be productive by tracking your time all over the day.

It is free upto 3 projects, but after then plans start at 14$ which gives you more bandwidth to work on.




If you are looking for a good alternative to timely, Harvest is a good option. And apart from time-saving, it also accounts for all your expenses, generate reports and send invoices to your customers.

Plans range from free to business range, with more advanced features coming in business range.

Wave Accounting

You might not need on a regular basis, but if you are a business owner, you can’t miss this awesome tool. Wave accounting is a suite of tools which takes care of all of your problems with its solutions.

Issues like invoicing, payroll and expenses will be taken care off by this tool. One of another plus point of the tool is that it’s completely free!




Marvel is a free (and great) prototyping tool which converts all of your ideas into various fancy prototypes. You can design it for any type of interface ranging from mobile app to website. It has a direct integration with Google Drive and DropBox so that you have direct access to your images (hence, more productivity boost). The app has got several amazing animations built into it so that you can work around with your images as you want.


The company’s tagline says that– it focuses on prototyping, collaboration and workflow, and justifies its title. You can create prototypes and annotate them for better communication with your teammates.

It has some really great and innovative features such as comment feature, drawing options and much more. The tool is free to start with, but you have to pay for some advanced features.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

It’s something every blogger should always use and have in his or her kitty. It’s such a damn awesome tool, you can’t describe its awesomeness through words! You can know almost everything about your website’s traffic with the help of Google Analytics. Where they come from, their sex, age, the browser they are using, the operating system they are using and many more advanced details. And the best part! It’s completely free! Gives you so much and still doesn’t costs a dime! (Hail Google!)


It is a very popular application you might have seen various top bloggers using it. It’s like a dashboard for all of your social networks. You can post directly on twitter, Facebook or any other social networking website directly from it, it’s a hassle-free process. You can even schedule your posts so as to avoid spamming on your social networks. It has also got an analytic part, and you can track record of all your social rankings.

It’s free to use, but there are several advanced features for which you may have to shell out some money. It also has a desktop application, so you can directly control all of your posts directly from desktop.


Email marketing is still alive and is a profitable-venture. And for the marketing side, MailChimp will get you things done.



It is being used by millions of users to send mails to their customers and readers. You have got several templates or themes to choose from and many other advanced features. With its API, you can integrate it to almost any blogging platform from WordPress to Blogger.

So Here We Listed out best Tools for Newbie Bloggers, It will surely help to bloggers to Increase his growth and income. enjoy 🙂

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  • Thanks Kulwant for sharing this list of tools for newbie bloggers. Blogging has become very popular these days and in the age of WordPress things has become very easy to start a website. Recently I have used dropbox for the first time to take a back of my website. Thanks again for this list. I will explore them one by one.

  • Online tool bloggers most be presentive and recovery to your topic. Thanks for sharing good information.

  • Thanks Kulwant for your Great Stuff. This article is really important as a newbie blogger in the blogging Industry. This list will help me to develop myself in International Market. 🙂

  • @Kulwant Nagi

    On the off chance that you are searching for an awesome different option for Asana, then Basecamp is the thing that you require. Dissimilar to Asana, it’s a paid instrument, however it does comes pressed with a few magnificent components. You can message different individuals, have private discussions with them and numerous more propelled components. It has most extreme scope because of its android and iOS applications, so you can convey your undertakings remotely.