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Electronics and Communication Engineering – The Next Big Thing

The era of electronics began during the 20th century with the invention of a transistor. Here we stand, seven decades later, surrounded by many thing electronics on which our pace of life depends.

When we think of an electronics and communication engineer, we immediately picture a person working in a chip manufacturing unit. But it is much more than that. In the past decade, technology has transformed our lives with many inventions.

Electronics and Communication Engineering


Many people have also taken up this profession in various fields. Even the educational institutes provide in-depth knowledge on the related subjects with the necessary level of education starting with B tech electronics.

One of the greatest inventions of electronics and communication branch has been the affordable means of communication such as mobile phone, the telephone, radio communication, satellite communication and more. The trend in mobile technology is continuously emerging with 4G and 5G speed.

The branch of electronics and communication engineering have fuelled all the developments. The department holds a promising future with education starting at the undergraduate level with B tech electronics.

Recent growing trends in the field of electronics and communication engineering for a broad work prospect are.

1] Communication and Signalling Processing

It concerns transmission, analysis and storage of information signals.Traditionally electronics engineer worked on analysing and communicating speech, video, audio, and image signals.

With the technological advancements, the engineers now work on broader prospects apart from the above such as recovering and analysing genomic and physiological signals, environment and ecological signals, and more.

2] Analog and Radio frequency circuits

Without the radio and analogue technology, mobile phones would not exist, and neither does television or wi-fi. Lots of industries have been established over the years to meet consumer demands opening various job opportunities.

3] Optics and Photonics

From fibre optics to laser, the use of light has served the purpose of solving various engineering problems. The branch of photonics includes the field of display technology from liquid crystals to holograms. The department of optics widely includes medical, architectural, and entertainment field of work.

4] Networking

In the era of internet, the world has become one where people connect easily from every part of their respective countries. Many organisations are developing advancements in the networks such as 4G and 5G networks to give better access to information and communication, thus, creating work opportunities.

5] Nanotechnology


Products like fast transistors, efficient solar cells, microscopic sensors and tracking chips show the progression in Nanotechnology over the years. Many industries are adopting this technology to make their products small, efficient, and smart.

6] Computer Vision and Image Processing

Expansion in the technology of image procession and computer vision has made it possible for computers to excel in the field of medical, surveying, photogrammetry, and more.

These technologies have made it possible for computers to identify diseases and display images with the help of analysed data from magneto-resonance imaging process with other medical devices.

Computer visions experts know how to recognise faces, whereas image processing experts know how to blur and de-blur images and extract information or make an art of it.

7] Prepare Yourself For The Opportunities

In future, the scope of electronics and communication engineering seems to grow wide. The possibilities are open to all the skill holders of the field. You can start your career with an undergrad course B tech electronics where you can learn such skills, both practical and theoretical.

The best way to learn skills is by performing practical after thoroughly studying the theory. Many universities provide such curriculums where students are exposed to every aspect of theory and actual work. One such university in India, which has an excellent learning curriculum is UPES.

You can start your course studies with B tech electronics and can move to higher studies. The field of electronics has become one of the fastest-growing sectors in India.

If you interest in making a career in this field, you may start with B tech electronics from UPES where you can learn about design, analysis, and manufacturing of electronic devices and components and many other latest industrial technologies.

Every year many trends are developed in the electronics field. You can prepare yourself with education from UPES and let be guided to your bright future.

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