5 Reasons to Change Your Business Phone to NBN Phone Systems

There is a new phone service making its way into the residential and business addresses of Australia and it is provided by the government.

The National Broadcast Network is a federally sponsored initiative to replace and upgrade the internet backbone in Australia with the aim of creating better and more reliable high-speed internet service for all Australian residents and businesses.

Business Phone to NBN Phone Systems


The government has taken the expense of this in order to ensure that there is reliable high-speed internet service provided to all regardless of their economic status or location in the country.

The NBN offers a service allows customers to make landline phone calls cheaply and connects with PBX phone systems that can provide a long list of features.

1] You Will Have Better Service

The service is available to residential and business customers and each gets major upgrades on traditional phone systems. For home users they can expect better service that is cheaper and has advanced options. For business users in addition to money savings, can expect to have the same level of phone features as large companies.

The NBN phone service has several unique features that all Australians should be aware of to configure the system properly and take advantage of the new features available.

2] NBN Phone Service is Feature Rich

NBN phone systems have all of the features you get from a regular phone service including Caller ID, 3-way-calling voicemail, call waiting, and many more services.

For businesses NBN phone systems allow you to access all of your VOIP phone services including robo-assistant, remote calling and messaging, Call monitoring and mentoring and advanced conferencing functions.

3] The Service Offers Dedicated Bandwidth

This feature is fantastic for speeding up your internet connection. Without it, your phone service is competing with every other user on the line.

Dedicated bandwidth means that you have your own line allowing for faster internet speeds with fewer interruptions. For businesses that may have dozens of employees of phones simultaneously, this feature can be critical.

4] You Can Take it With You

You NBN phone service can only be used at the address it is purchased because it is tied to a specific address. If you relocate, you must activate new service at that new location.

However because your VoIP service is cloud based, you can easily take your phone system with you to any new location, plug it in and turn on your service at that new location.

5] NBN Survives Power Outages

National Broadcast Network


Your NBN phone service will last for an additional 3 to 11 hours after a power outage allowing you to make valuable calls during an emergency.

Finally, an NBN phone system should require less maintenance saving you money in the long run. Further your VoIP service will be maintained by your provider. You get the latest upgrades for free and avoid any maintenance costs.

For business customers, NBN phone systems provide new and advanced features for your phone.

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