Things Not to Do When Hiring a Moving Company

Moving is something that can be exciting and stressful at the same time. There are so many things to plan, so much to execute, so much to pack, etc. And doing all these alone can stress anyone. To avoid so much burden, we often take professional help. By professional help, we mean moving companies.

What Not to Do When Hiring Moving Companies


If you have already decided that you want to take help from a moving company, then congratulations you did the right thing. There are many benefits to hiring a moving company. But finding the perfect moving company is not that simple. We are here to provide you some tips that will help you get the best moving companies out there.

Four things that you should not do when hiring a moving company:

1] Do not pay large deposits:

Always remember that reputed moving companies will never ask you to make a large deposit before the job is done. Only pay them once they deliver your belongings safely.

There is no reason to ask for a large deposit anyways, as you are already trusting them with your essential belongings. Always pay the company when your goods are delivered and also use credit cards for payments to stay safe from any fraudulent activity.

2] Do not hire moving companies that only take cash: 

Plan in advance and ask the moving company about how much money they will charge. The bill might be big, and if they only take cash, chances are they will also take your belongings. Cash transactions are never safe and do not work with a company that only demands cash.

Also, moving long distance implies your things will be far out for some time, so you should make sure that the company is genuine. Always use a credit card for making payments to stay safe from fraudulent activities.

3] Do not choose a company based on price quote:

Always research thoroughly about the company before hiring. Whenever you research to find different companies, you will see that some companies provide much less price quote than others. And it is best to avoid that one. Rogue moving companies usually try to lure customers with low costs, offers, and free services.

Always research properly and make sure that the company is legit. If the deal seems too good to be genuine, then chances are it is not authentic. So, give yourself time and research as much as possible.

Always consider where you are moving to while choosing a mover. In case, if you are only making a local move that will take a single day, then you must go smaller local moving company with a good reputation.

Regularly, they’re more affordable than those bigger moving companies. In any case, while moving a long distance that takes over two or three days, you must go with a more prominent moving company.

4] Do not choose companies with a name switch:

There is an organization called Better Business Bureau(BBB) that asses different business to make sure they are not indulged in any fraud. Some moving companies keep changing their names to avoid being assessed by BBB. You need to make sure that the company has a local address, valid license, and insurance.

You should visit their local office and ask them to show you their license. Don’t be shy; they will quickly show you license and valid proofs when asked. If they hesitate to show it, then chances are there is something fishy going on.

5] Do not sign any blank contracts:

Blank Contracts

Remember never to sign a blank contract. Get the moving company to write every single thing such as the estimate, extra fees, delivery date, etc. Read the agreement carefully and make sure all your belongings are listed as well. Always ask questions in case of any clarification.

Suppose your important furniture is not mentioned in the contract and it is not delivered, you cannot do anything about it. So, take time and go through the whole agreement and then sign it. And If all else fails, request to chief or manager of the company.


Getting the perfect moving company is not that easy, but it will be if you go through all these tips. Make sure to keep all of them in mind and always trust your instincts. Have a nice day!

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