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Software Testing Process Presentation ppt

Software Testing Process ppt

Software Testing Process is a Find out the Maximum Bugs and Errors From the Software or Product and Make the Software Bugs or Error Free. whenever we are going for Developing Software,Project,Website or any product at that time it will need to specify some requirements,plan and many other things. There are main eleven steps of the Software Testing Process. The first five steps use verification as the primary means to evaluate the correctness of the interim development deliverable’s. Validation is used to test the software in an executable mode. Results of both verification and validation should be documented. Both verification and validation will be used to test the installation of the software as well as changes to the software.

Software Testing Process Presentation ppt

Some times we are thinking why we need a Software Testing. actually I also thinking sometimes but in reality it is more important to test the software and making the software errors free. when I given a Presentation on my college on a Topic Software Testing Process at that time I Learn why we need a Software Testing. I Find out a Maximum Articles from the Internet and Learn Lot’s of things about Software Testing Process.

Without Software Testing Process,

1 ) The software has poor quality.

2) The software may contain the critical error or bug.

3) The cost of error or bug may be too high.

There are 11 steps of the Software Testing Process.

Step 1: Assess Development Plan and Status

Step 2: Develop the Test Plan

Step 3: Test Software Requirements

Step 4: Test Software Design

Step 5: Program (Build) Phase Testing

Step 6: Execute and Record Results

Step 7: Acceptance Test

Step 8: Report Test Results

Step 9: The Software Installation

Step 10: Test Software Changes

Step 11: Evaluate Test Effectiveness

Check out below my Presentation ppt on Software Testing Process :-

 [slideshare id=26982480&doc=11stepsoftestingprocess-byhrshl-131008103413-phpapp02]

 Conclusion :-

In Short whenever we are Going for the Develop Software that Software always need for testing because sometimes Developers not know how to make a perfect software. In a Company their are many Software Quality Assurance and Software Testing experts(Software Testers) are always going for the improvement on the Software. Software Quality assurance is Responsible for Software Quality. He always try for the Improve the Software Quality.

So friends Enjoy my ppt on Software Testing Process and if you have any query than free to ask just enter the comment below and if you like my work than please share this ppt with your friends.

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