How Are Video Testimonials Establishing More Authority For Your Brand?

Customer testimonials are honest endorsements of your services or products coming from a set of satisfied customers. When your target audience visits your website or a buyer look for products and services you are providing, they check if there is any good review about your brand.

Customer testimonials feature real people who talk about how your brand helped them solve their problems.

Video Testimonials

As in the modern world, people find it hard to trust everything on the internet; marketers are trying to make things more authentic and genuine. And that is why video testimonials are on the rise. Almost 90% of marketers say that video testimonials are better than written testimonials.

What Is A Video Testimonial?

A video testimonial is a piece of video content where a customer or client praises your brand. In most cases, they talk about their problems and how your company’s product or service has helped them to solve that problem so before recording you must know how to record a video testimonial to make it perfectly.

They provide a brief introduction about themselves, talk about their background, and discuss how they used your product or service.

Why Do You Need A Video Testimonial?

They Help Your Target Audience To Connect Better

No doubt, reading a positive customer testimonial impacts the buying decision of a customer. But when someone talks about your business, it creates more impact than reading a quote. A written testimonial evidently misses out on the facial expression of a happy customer, while a video can capture it all.

A video testimonial adds the level of authenticity a customer looks for before buying your products or services. As a result, your target audience can better connect with your brand emotionally.

They Humanize Your Brand

In the era of online businesses, we all lack human-to-human connections. We read everything online and make purchasing decisions, all believing in what’s written on the internet.

In the century of globalization, it is challenging for buyers to have a personal interaction with brand owners to know how they can help us solve our problems. Fortunately, video testimonials can humanize a brand by putting a face to your service or product.

When a customer talks positively about your brand, your potential clients believe that they will get the same benefit and prefer buying from you.

It Improves Your Brand’s Exposure

Another benefit of video testimonials is you can use them effectively for your brand’s exposure. Online visibility is one of the most important factors to generate business online. And videos are easy to share content while being visually interesting for your target audience.

You can use your video testimonials to display on your website, social media platforms, emails. Statistics show that a video testimonial increases clickthrough rates by almost 60%.

Video testimonials are some of the most effective tools you can use for your marketing. According to research, more than 80% of people love watching online videos weekly.

And if you are not creating good video testimonials, you miss out on such a powerful marketing tool. You can use some of the best video testimonial apps to get quality testimonial videos for your brand.

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