The Different US States And Their Rules On Casino Gaming

The US has so many different rules based on casino gaming and this can change dramatically from state to state.

This is why it’s so important to know some of the rules for a variety of different states if you’re thinking about heading to any of them soon, or you’re just intrigued.

US Gambling Laws and Rules

Each legislation can differ based on various chance-based casino games, so carry on reading to find out where you can and cannot go, to game within America!


Home to most American casinos, Nevada is one of the best places to play a variety of different games.

Here you’ll find Sin City, otherwise known as Las Vegas, which is often seen as the casino gaming capital.

Tourists love to visit here and try their luck at a variety of casino games, including Slots, Roulette and Baccarat – amongst many more.

New Jersey

This state has advocated for legalised sports betting – you might know this state for the case that led to the federal reversal from the Supreme Court.

Soon after, sports betting was legalised and the first sportsbooks opened on June 14th, 2018.


In terms of gaming revenue, this state sits near the top of the list, with three resort-style casinos here, but it’s not just casino games they offer.

There’s a state lottery, where you can opt for instant games or buy tickets ready for lotto drawings, but if you want to stick to casinos most of them are racetracks with attached casinos.

So, why not come and find out more for yourself?


On the contrary, Hawaii has no casinos and doesn’t allow any form of this type of gaming – not even for charitable reasons.

It’s not against it, but just doesn’t want to compete with places like Las Vegas and other popular spots for casino gaming.

There are places for residents and tourists like ‘casino party’ where you can play various casino games, but it’s not real betting as no money is exchanged.


In January 2023, lawmakers filed bills that would have legalised sports betting, but in March the Georgia Senate voted down these bills.

Therefore, the House failed to get their legislation before the deadline for new bills passed, meaning sports betting isn’t legal here.

North Carolina

Here, casino gaming is almost non-existent with a couple of exceptions – two casinos are in the Smoky Mountains on land that belongs to the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.

The original Harrah’s Cherokee casino started small, but in 2012 expanded into a huge resort with full table games.

Other than that, only two other forms of casino gaming are accepted here. Bingo can be played for charity, which limits the prize values on offer and there’s a state lottery.


Now, Florida casino gaming rules have had a complicated history, but they were the first Southern state to legalise horse and greyhound racing.

They were also the first in the region to launch their state lottery and the third in the southeast to open casinos.

Although, it wasn’t always like this, as referendums based on expanding this gaming failed continuously from the Great Depression era until a lottery passed in 1986.

Currently, there are over 30 Florida casinos, where some of the most popular casino games can be played.

There are a variety of different rules and regulations that are widely state-based and great to be aware of – did any of them surprise you?

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