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JIAKE Brand phones – The New Apple?

JIAKE is Chinese brand that produces smart phones, tablets and phablets since 2009. They are renowned worldwide for producing the best quality when it comes to the internal software and external hardware of the phones. Over the years this brand has gained the trust of its customers and has been producing great phones and tablets. The reason why they are so trusted is because they never compromise over quality and their aim is to become one of the leading and distinguished smart phone brands in the world. 🙂

JIAKE Brand phones

JIAKE Brand phones New Apple:

JIAKE Brand phones are not only locally famous, they are also exported worldwide and have received huge customer support. These phones have brilliant functioning and are exceptionally cost-effective for users of all levels. They are designed based on the existing consumer needs and are hence receiving considerable recognition. The design and functionality of these phones might even be substantially better than some or all of the phones produced by famous brands. These phones incorporate the same features and same functionality but at a better range and competence. They are user friendly and the GUI is much clearer and easy to use as opposed to the complex and intricately designed interfaces of the currently known brands.
Main features inculcated in JIAKE Brand phones 🙂

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JIAKE Brand phones

Normally each phone they produce has exclusivity when it comes to the features it provides and the design it is based on. This is what their phones are most known for, for having a hint of spark and uniqueness no other phone launched hitherto has unveiled. However, the key features that are found in almost all JIAKE Brand phones are enlisted below:

  • Based on different versions of Android operating system
  • RAM and ROM of various storage limits with only the software installed over the ROM
  • Supports Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth supported
  • Gravity sensing system/MP3/MP4/FM supported
  • All the latest apps available in the market can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Market it provides us with
  • Camera with a good focus capability
  • Supports various languages

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This is not all, there are numerous other key features of these phones and some that are entitled only to one specific phone. Each phone that the brand produces would work only on the operating system it was designed to work with. If however, you upgrade the software you will lose the warranty.

JIAKE Brand phones

JIAKE Brand phones have witnessed an upward mark on the graph of popular phones when it comes to the export of the phones and consumer intake. If the trend kept moving upwards as is now; the phones that these brands produces are going to be the next big thing in the mobile technology department. With such affordable price ranges and evident high tech features infused, they are going to swap away the place of all big brands we see now days. You can choose more JIAKE phones on It is highly recommended for you to try one of these phones yourself if you wish to experience this flawless work of art. You will not be disappointed.

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  • Hi I have bought Jiake M8 with MTK6572w processor. i was trying to upgrade to ROM, since it had Malware in it. seems that was on most stock ROM’s people complained. so. i tried to install TWRP. it installed and i tried the JIAKE G8 stock rom it was advertised as possible to use.
    since then, nothing happened and i flashed the old rom, and now i got no SIM signal, have red X and IMEI numbers and Base Band version nothing shows. I followed on internet how to go into Chinese Download menu. PWR &VOL-
    all in chinese. i clicked something to exit. so, is there a way to reset factory code to start as fresh? no erasing eMMC is not. i’ve been through all that. must be something in that chinese menu. if you can help or how to get in touch with the Jiake manufacturer. thanks in advance.