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FormGet- A Powerful Contact Form Building Tool To Create Forms & Collect Payments

FormGet is an online form building tool that lets you create any kind of forms within seconds with an ability to collect payments. It is a powerful tool for you to create any kind of form that you exactly need. Order forms, simple contact forms, Appointment booking forms, lead capture forms, customer interaction forms or hundred thousand varieties of forms that you can imagine.

You can get any kind of form ready within a few seconds and a few clicks!.


For e.g. Lead Capture Forms, Appointment Booking, Forms, Order Forms, General Interaction Forms, Feedback Forms etc., and then share forms with your audience.

And collect payments easily from online even if you don’t own a website.

FormGet Contact Form

If you own a website, you can dispatch a form on any page to start collecting payments from there.

Creating forms with FormGet doesn’t require any coding skills or technical specialty, instead, it seems like an interesting game.
All you have got to do is just to click on fields provided in the left side of the screen and desired fields get added to your form displaying on the right.

Just in the same way you can integrate PayPal payment field in your form and start collecting online payments more easily than ever before.

And you can use these beautiful forms with an ability to collect payments anywhere on your website and on any page.

Not any other application till now has been witnessed through which you can provide your customers a platform to get intimate with your products and services so well.

This application is of great use for anyone coming up form any field and looking to do something different through web.

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It gives you the flexibility that you always look for

If you are a blogger and desire to make interactions with people more live, then you just need to simply copy-paste a script to your blog section to integrate a contact form in your blog page or simply install a FormGet plugin.


Here is the link for the plugin-

Or if you are a businessmen, then you can dispatch an order form to collect payments instantly, or any kind of form that you think would benefit you, like lead capture forms etc.

It also makes your website more appealing and vibrant as your website won’t be just like other websites that just look like canvas. Instead, you appear more responsive and active with that appealing interaction form you dispatched.

Besides everything being extremely easy, still an integrated helpdesk is provided to guide you at every step and so you are never supposed to worry at all. A complete step by step video tutorial guide is provided.

And have I told you that this is the most advanced application too…?

Formget Contact form

Have a Look At Its Advanced Features

1. An integrated helpdesk for you so that you can get your forms managed by several other individuals as well, so that your workload will get distributed within a circle making it easier for your to manage things.

2. Upload files: Your customers are able to submit any files including media files as well.

3. Apply Conditional Logic: You can filter your entries with the help of these features. Now you can decide what kind entries you want to see and what kind of entries you want to exclude.

4. Integrate Google Analytics: With integrated Google Analytics to your FormGet form, you can easily track your visitors and know exactly what they look for.

5. Pre built templates let you change the appearance of your form and get desired appearance within a minute.

6. Easy Form Embedding: Your form can be dispatched anywhere on your website. What all you just need is to copy the form embed code to any page where you want to display any particular form. Also, you can dispatch multiple form on different pages of your website.

7. Branding: Branding is very initial phase for success of every product in the market. Therefore FormGet provide you to put your brand name and logo, which is a sign of a trustworthy organization.


Final Words

What makes FormGet very outstanding for the users is its enhanced functionality, flexibility, attractiveness, and moreover the ease with which everything is furnished to the users.

There are enormous other features in this FormGet application that make things extremely easy.

Besides being not very old, you’ll find it completely different and more powerful and useful than any application you have seen ever before.

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