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200 Million Followers Worldwide Use Instagram for Sharing Photos

It goes without saying that in our world social networks have become an integral part of our daily life and in this respect Instagram is no exception. In accordance with the latest survey about 200 million followers worldwide use this network for sharing photos, videos and posting comments.

Use Instagram for Sharing Photos (200+ Million Followers Worldwide )

Million Followers Worldwide Use Instagram for Sharing Photos

Instagram for Sharing Photos

It has become obvious, Instagram is quite an influential platform and for sure it is used not only for entertainment purposes.

Nobody knows if such great popularity of Instagram was predictable or not but now there is no doubt – all likes and followers are now considered as a parameter for statistics and Instagram now is one of the leading channels for online advertising.

But except adverting what else makes it so attractive? Let’s have a closer look at the Insta world.

1. Leading brands are increasing their online presence.

Initially the major part of users were individuals. Now all the leading brands have their Instagram accounts. What for? To immediately inform the followers about the latest news and to show that the brand follow all the latest trends. Read more how to buy real Instagram followers.

2. Advertising and PR.

Some accounts are used mainly for advertising purposes. How it works? Usually a person with a sufficient number of followers receives an offer to promote a certain type of the good. Here one thing is quite important – you should professionally mix your private posts with the pre-paid ones as otherwise the audience may loose all the interest in it.

3. Entertainment.



Well, for some of us Instagram is mainly an entertainment tool – to post some photos, to give some likes and just forget about it. But just confess that while looking through your followers feed your eye catches some info, so anyway Instagram can easily be called an influential information channel.

There is also one interesting point which should be mentioned is that the social networks is in constant development. Last year about 7 million dollars of investments were made which accelerated the pace of social network growth.

It helps Instagram to develop rapidly and to offer new features to its users which also permits to keep the solid positions among other social platforms.

For now it is difficult to predict the future of the social networks. It is futile to deny that it’s popularity is huge but who other social networks are also highly competitive.

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Anyway for now Instagram is one of the leading networks and it can be a challenge to beat it popularity. So, why not right now to go and post a new photo? Who knows, may be you are the next Instagram star of the world? 😀

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