Online Shopping Price Comparison, Coupons and Cashback

If you are looking for a comparison websites that provides you the desired results then is the right choice for you. It is a Online shopping engine that collects all the product details that include price, from contributing retailers and then display that combined information on a single output page as a response generated to a viewer’s request.

Online Shopping Coupons, Cashback and Price Comparison

Online Shopping Price Comparison and Coupon

Online Shopping Price Comparison is a one of the Cashback shopping website in india. It provides a single platform to shoppers where they can compare every retailer’s price, shipping options, coupons and service and choose the retailer that provides them with the best deals.

Shoppers can earn cashback on orders via This site helps users save money with cashback, coupons and price comparison. allows e-commerce wholesalers the platform to increase their sales by attracting more shoppers and hear in the right direction to make more money in today’s competitive scenario. allows them to make their products look more appealing by adding the values of coupons that can hike the sales.

This will pique the interest of a lot of buyers. acts as a window to attract customers to buy the products by presenting the deals in the right way. is probably the best comparison shopping engine for you. Products submitted in our search can also be easily listed on any other search engine and are also displayed on standard Google search results.

We have been handling our operations successfully and have helped millions of viewers in making the right shopping decisions and have also helped merchants to expand their business. has always been are liable performer for traffic and conversions. Dealers are allowed to display products, deals, coupons, and brands as well.

Apart from displaying products on our site, also have a market research tool that enable retailers to keep a track of customer purchases. comparison shopping engine has a huge list of products to entice the customers.

The best part about is that you can get all the product comparisons and you wont have to pay a single penny for that. This provides the customers with an added advantage and they always tend to get attracted to free comparison services. asks the sellers to forward an-organised product feed. This feed is essential and must meet a CSE-defined specification which must be updated frequently in order to be at the top of the game. uses scripts to parse and ingest the data from this feed, which is further displayed in the final page of comparisons for the customers to analyse.


Coupons makes the job easier for both retailers and the customers. The retailers can make more profits by submitting the correct feeds and information about the discounts they can offer.

The customers can compare the best deals and can enjoy the discounts and shop without the hesitation of exceeding price lists. This makes the functioning much more efficient and hence making the best choice for both retailers and customers.

Benefits of

1. Get to know who’s selling what: is a forum that allow you to compare various vendors of a single product within a single output.

This way you can get a consumer’s eye-view of the market and have the best deals at your disposals. It allows the retailers to get an overview of the products they want to sell and analyse the competition in the market.

This way they can enhance terms of service and attract more customers. helps retailers to understand their competitors so that everyone gets the benefits from the healthy market schemes. It also keeps the vendors up to date with the trending business products and schemes.

2. Keep the price on check:

Price of a commodity decides a lot of things in the market. The business sometimes depends solely on how the price list is managed specially in the times of recession. Customers are constantly looking for discounts and cheaper deals. allows you to keep a track of prices and keep the demand up to make maximum profits. The better the prices look the more customers will your products will attract. This is essential especially for small business ventures as their business depends largely on it.

3. Check for products in demand and spot trends: provides you with the list of best-selling items or feature popular products on the website. The suppliers can use this to keep the supply of the right products up. This helps in expanding healthy business by selling the right goods that are in demand and promote them properly.

4. Shoppers can earn cashback on orders via

This site helps users save money with cashback, coupons and price comparison.  It offers three types of online shopping savings for users. The cashback & coupons are available for top online shopping websites like filpkart, snapdeal and amazon.

5. Connect to the websites: connects the consumers with the websites so that they can crosscheck all the deals and are assured that no fraudulent deals are displayed to them. This ensures the trust of the customer and the marketing can be done in a healthy way. 🙂

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