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Drawbacks of Instagram on Today’s Society

Instagram has been widely used by people from all walks of life. Some use it as a social tool, while others tend to use it as a marketing or advertising tool. Although it is one of the fastest growing social sites in the world, dependence on Instagram has caused people to have a distorted mentality of perfection.

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The Drawbacks of Instagram

Drawbacks of Instagram

Drawbacks of Instagram

In the marketing sector, here are some disadvantages.

Limitations to its availability.

Instagram was specially designed to work only on android and ios systems. Although many techs in the industry have tried to create an online version or online access, the experience of the original cannot be compared.

This is a great limitation to those using Instagram for marketing because it means that without a smart phone, a person cannot be reached.

Loss of Copyright to your pictures.

Copyright infringement is an avenue most people can use when they feel that someone else is taking credit for their work. When you post a picture on Instagram, everyone that follows you and who searches your hashtag has access to your pictures and videos.

This is a good thing when it comes to reaching prospective clients, however, this can also pose as a disadvantage. Anyone with access to your work can copy it and present it as their own with little or no consequences.

Deceptive users and con artists.

When you decide to use Instagram to market your goods and services, one thing that you should be weary of is the presence of con artists and liars. As any online profile, anonymity is both an evil and a good thing. It sometimes works to your advantage. But there are times when it poses a great disadvantage to you.

A picture can be so altered that a product you intend to market can completely change in appearance. One might even be conned by a thief posing as a buyer who ends up acquiring your products without pay.

Disadvantages of Instagram as a social tool

1. Consumes too much of one’s time.

Every Instagram user will admit that they have somehow developed a kind of addiction to it. With the emergence of sites such as, the ability to increase your follower count on the site is limitless.

This can have you spending long hours that would have otherwise been used differently from constantly scrolling through pictures and videos.

2. Provides for a Pseudo reality where likes and followers present self esteem

Instagram can be a self-esteem boost for the lucky ones. I have heard of dozens of success stories that have originated from the social site, for example, there was a little known photographer in New York City who had been struggling to get recognized.

He was living from hand to mouth due to lack of employment, after he downloaded the Instagram app and uploaded his pictures on it he instantly got an enormous following and later grew to be very popular. If the opposite had happened, he would have lost his self-esteem and ultimately his career. It is a double edged sword.

Although Instagram has its cons, one should never overlook the strides it has made in both the marketing sector and as a social tool. As it is with most parts of life, you cannot have the good without the bad.

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