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FastComet Review: Fast and Well Priced Web Hosting Service Provider

Looking out for hosting providers across the internet and yet not found the right one for yourself? It has become somewhat confusing with so many big names out there in the market who will take a lot more than your budget can allow and still lack the kind of customer servicing and attention that your business requires. So the problem still remains, finding a good hosting provider with a good servicing. This is where FastComet comes into picture to cater to your needs in the best and affordable solutions for hosting. To learn more about FastComet go through the following article.

FastComet: Simple and Fast Hosting Service

FastComet Web Hosting

FastComet Hosting

Founded in the year 2013, FastComet is one of the new members in the hosting arena. In the past two years they have rooted themselves and have become one of the most powerful and refreshing approach to this industry.

FastComet has a lot in the box at very economical prices. They provide you with a free domain name, SSD storage, free migration, free SSL certificates, and daily backups. They ace customer support and ensure network reliability with convenient working environment without any issues. Isn’t that a great deal to make and totally within your budget.

Apart from being a very reliable hosting provider, FastComet has a lot of standout features which makes it the consumer’s choice. To learn about the other services and features of FastComet keep reading the following article.

FastComet Speed and Reliability

FastComet is not just proving premium hosting plans that are in your budget but are also providing the speed that you need. This really turns the odds in your favors as generating traffic is very important and is not an easy task if your site is not speed efficient. FastComet assures the speed that is required by providing the essential tools and infrastructure making your website highly efficient.

The location of your server is a critical aspect as it should be closely studied with regard to your site visitors as they are essential influencers on the time taken by the site to load. FastComet has an advantage with this as it has seven data centers spread in three continents hence making sure that the server is situated close to your site’s visitors.

With the SSD storage at your side there is an additional kick that the speed of your site gets. FastComet also provides loss-less data compression so that you can load files faster as well as mod_expires browser caching support to make the website work more efficiently.

FastComet Speed and Reliability

Speed and Reliability

FastComet provides your website with the perk of the best available hardware through the way down to all the five different levels of caching used by them. you can be assures that all the issues that come up with your website are effectively dealt with. FastComet has a 99.9% uptime guarantee and in case you experience any downtime past that number then your account will be credited.

The facility of easy CloudFlare CDN integration is also provided for your site by FastComet. This is all provided from the comfort of the control panel. Services can be easily activated within the matter of a few minutes. This provides an additional edge to the speed, reliability, and security to your site along with a content delivery network.

FastComet Interface

FastComet provides an easy going CPanel interface regardless of your experience with the hosting. Being a newcomer or a highly skilled person in the genre does not matter as the ease of accessing is provided to all. This panel provides an easy pipeline to all the site components and there is a side menu bar that provides user management and statistics.

FastComet Interface

FastComet Interface

FastComet provides the user with a client area account management related issues like support tickets, domain registration, and billing information can be easily handled. FastComet allows the user to view all the e-mails they have sent without hiding the important e-mails getting wasted in the spam folder and increasing the headache of renewal. The client area as well as the control panel are mobile-friendly, allowing you to manage your site while you are travelling or unable to access the system.

FastComet Security

It will come as a relief to you that FastComet’s data centers are protected by 24/7 physical security and are also assisted with full power redundancy and live server monitoring, making the security system full proof. FastComet also provides protection and recovery from malicious as well as non-malicious attacks along with daily and weekly backups. If a virus attacks your system then you are provided with complete threat removal free of charge.

FastComet security

FastComet security

SSH access, IP Blocker, Hotlink protection, along with the automatically enabled mod_security manager mentioned above are provided as additional security features for your site by FastComet. The custom web application firewall and custom cron job support protect your applications from the possible security threats that can cause damage.

FastComet Customer Service

FastComet provides 24×7 priority support. This is where it differs from the big league hosting providers who might provide all the required features but somehow fail to provide the desired customer service and attention to individual clients. FastComet provides support in the form of live chat, ticket, and a toll-free phone number. No matter what the problem FastComet is always ready to extend their support to the clients.

FastComet Customer Service

24×7 priority support

To provide more substantial support there is a whole knowledge bank of guides, videos and FAQs to help the users if they are stuck at any point. A highly approved feature provided by FastComet is the option to submit a request for a guide yourself. This way you can deal with the highest levels of technical problems that have occurred on your site and feature it as you wish.

FastComet allows its users to get a better grasp of the customer support by testing their live chat function with the users which has given an instant response at 7 AM EST. Apart from this the site builder related questions have also received a very positive and satisfactory response.

FastComet is extremely active on Social media and surfs through Twitter to check the responses of its users to get a better picture how they are responding to the customer support. Twitter has come in very handy to know the insights of the users who highly approve of the services provided by FastComet.

FastComet Pricing

FastComet Pricing

FastComet Pricing

FastComet is highly reputed amongst its client because of the 100% customer satisfaction policy they follow. The best part is that there is no extra charge that pops in out of the air. There is a clear transparency that is maintained while displaying the prices. There is no extra cost. You will find the same renewal prices that you signed up for without any additional cost.

This renewal price remains same for a life time and this is something no other hosting provider offers. FastComet has a very clear money refund policy and the money is refunded within 45 days if the client is not happy with the services. There is no obligation of extra charges if you wish to terminate the services at any point of time since there is no contract.

Tutorials offered

There are a lot of free features offered by FastComet. You can treat your eyes with free themes and use them as you want. This way you can also get clear idea of the services and facilities that FastComet offers. There are a lot of tutorials available as well to learn site administration and using the panels to control the site’s appearance and functions. 🙂

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