Make Money Review: Best Google Adsense Alternative, Really?

Making money from your own blog is one of the best business ideas that you can ever implement. Well for most of us it seems rather an obvious choice to opt for Google Adsense as we don’t know about the other options that are present. Regardless of that Adsense is a great idea to monetize your blog and make money. Not for one second should you think that this is the only way to grow website business. There are a lot of other ways to convert your website assets into money. : Fast Growing and Reliable Ad Network


Easy to Use and Easy to Earn 😀

You might have heard or experienced it yourself that Adsense rules can sometimes get very strict and get your website blocked if it does not follow the specific rules. This might lead all your hard work to zero sometimes. Therefore a much website friendly money making option for you is to adopt This is one alternative that will not only enhance your yield but will give you an easier window. is a company that basically deals in URL Shortening and provides websites and their owners a way to monetization on outgoing and internal links present on sites. Pop up adds are also a service that provides its webmasters and publishers with. is by far the best Adsense alternative with its dynamic features and great support. To learn more about the advantages of, keep reading.

Variety of tools designed for different purposes 😉 provides you with the advantages of Website Script Generator Tools. With the help of this script you can print additional ads on your website like the pop up and pop under ads. Pop ads can turn the odds into your favor as they are easy money and are easily activated. Whenever the user surfs to your site the pop ad will open up in another window which is hidden under the original browser window. . When a user visits a website with pop advertisements, they will open up in a new browser window hidden under the user’s current browser. The best part is that it doesn’t break any rules since they are activated by the user’s click and the standard capping is set to 1 ad per 24 hours. might not be the best Adsense alternative but it is certainly the best alternative that you can ever consider. There are a lot many advantages that you might have led yourself to know. One of the advantages that cannot be overlooked at any cost is the easy signup. For those of you who are struggling to direct more traffic on your website might find it an impossible to get your websites approved for Adsense as the traffic norms are rather strict and without traffic your site will not be entertained. This is where comes in handy.

You don’t need to go through any Publisher account approval. Fill up an easy sign up form and you can begin your business by shortening links and placing Pop ads on your site. entertains both high traffic and low traffic sites and provides them the chance to make money.


Even if your website is a big hit at getting Adsense, might just be the catalyst that you need to boost your business. It provides the safest category of ads in conjunction with Google ads. Website owners can use both Google as well as ads at the same time and lead your business like you always dreamt of. To be precise, comes in handy for established bloggers as well as new comers. It is also the hope for disheartened bloggers who got all the Adsense blocked on their website due to some or the other problems. provides them with the fresh start they require in the business and earn profits per month.

One of the most fascinating things is that with you can also earn by blog commenting and make your mark in the business. Answering queries related to subjects you know can prove to be a business in itself. So now all the bloggers out there can have a diverse approach to earning money when it comes to monetization of blogs. Payout thresholds are small (just $5). With great pay rates of and best policies it is definitely the best alternative for Adsense. 🙂

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  • Great post! You should write a review of ExoBucks. Their system analyzes each visitor you send, detects which URL shortener will pay the most for that visitor and then sends them to it. That way you can automatically rotate which shorteners that visitors are sent to and earn the most for each of them.

    Plus, they have a great referral program that let’s you earn from 50+ URL shorteners (useful for affiliates).

  • Nice site recommended by you. Is the payout better for Indian publishers. And can we use it along with adsense?

    • I am glad that you liked this network. Yes, payout rate for Indian Traffic is also good as compared to African countries. For Indian traffics paying $1,89 for every 1000 views. But if you want to earn much better then start monetizing your US & other English speaking countries Traffics like UK, Canada, Australia etc… For US traffic they paying Highest which goes $15.20 per 1000 views. You can always keep update yourself with Payout rates.

      According to the Team, One can use Ads along with Adsense on their blog without any harm.

      Thank you