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Earn Money With These NFT Games In 2024

You must have heard of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and how they took the crypto world by storm. Well, it turns out that apart from their use as unique digital tokens, they also have game-based applications. The NFT gaming sector is booming, with many people finding it fascinating. You can enjoy these games on platforms like Chainers and possibly win big. Read on as we explore some of the best NFT games you can enjoy in 2024.

NFT Games 2024

What Are NFTs and P2E Games?

Think of NFTs as unique digital tokens that prove you own something cool, like art, virtual land, or game items. They’re unlike regular crypto coins such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, which you can swap. NFTs have unique qualities, so you can’t just trade them one for one.

In play-to-earn games, you can make real cash or get rewards by playing and hitting some goals. These options allow you to own and swap NFTs, which have real value you can cash in on outside of the game itself. It makes the whole NFT earning process super easy.

7 Top NFT Games to Play in 2024

There are numerous NFT games you can easily have fun playing and still earn some dollars. Check out some of the best ones below:


Chainers is like the future of NFT gaming, running on Web3. It’s packed with adventures, challenges, and tons of creative stuff. You can hop in and play on any device with just a browser. It’s a whole gaming world with fun games and fantastic experiences, and you can even make your own avatars.

Basically, Chainers is a place where you can hang out to enjoy thrilling gameplay, customize everything around you, and craft a gaming adventure just for you, all thanks to NFTs. You can compete, invest, trade – you name it, all in one spot.

Axie Infinity

Ever heard of Axie Infinity? It’s one of the leading NFT games that put this whole play-to-earn thing on the map back in 2018. Six years down the line, it’s still a big deal. Axie Infinity is still super hot and a top pick if you want to make cash through NFT gaming.

In Axie Infinity, you nurture these creatures called Axies. You can collect, produce, and battle them to beef up your stats and sell them in the marketplace. But here’s the deal: unlike some NFT games, you need to be pretty active when playing Axie Infinity to make the most of its play-to-earn features. You can’t just relax and expect the rewards to roll in passively.


Here’s a fantastic Web3 game set in Dreva, an incredible virtual world within the Pikaverse. It’s a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game where you can wander around Dreva’s huge landscapes, find all these incredible Pikamoon creatures, and make some cash. Now, Dreva’s got some serious drama between six factions: Earth, Rock, Water, Fire, Air, and Thunder. Your mission is to build up your squad of Pikamoon from the whooping 27,018 NFT population, each tied to one of these factions.

Pikamoon NFTs typically come as a deck of playing cards, each showing its name, special features, and powers. And get ready for some serious action because these NFTs offer multiplayer battles that’ll get your heart racing. It’s like a mix of strategy and classic turn-based gaming, where the goal is to dish out as much damage as possible until someone’s crowned the champ. The best part? Winners get a piece of the PIKA prize pool as a sweet reward.


Decentraland is like stepping into this mind-blowing virtual reality world. Here, you can let your creativity run wild, make some serious cash, and connect with others in this shared metaverse playground. Picture yourself strolling around this digital wonderland, buying a vast portion of virtual land, and then building on it for various purposes.

The objective of Decentraland is to provide a platform where creators may shine and enjoy themselves to the fullest. You can customize your avatar, cruise around, mingle, play games, and hit up events. Now, when it comes to getting things done in Decentraland, you can use the game’s digital currency, MANA. You can use it to buy and sell stuff in the Decentraland Marketplace, pimp out your avatar, and take your gaming experience to the next level.

Gods Unchained

This super cool online trading card game, Gods Unchained, kicked off in 2018 and won’t cost you a dime. Yeah, you heard that right – it’s free to play. As you battle it out in this epic card game, you’re not just racking up points or virtual trophies; you’re also earning yourself some native GODS tokens along the way. Interestingly, these tokens have a real-world value.

The GODS token also serves as the in-game currency and payment method. You can get smart about your card collection by trading them in the game’s store. It’s all about picking and choosing to make your deck stronger so you can win more battles and earn more cards. What’s more? Each card is unique and easy to tell apart, thanks to how the game works with NFTs on Ethereum.


Pixels is all about earning while you play in a massive virtual world. It’s like a mix of farming and adventure, where you can use your special NFTs as your in-game characters and explore till you’re satisfied. The BERRY and PIXEL tokens let you develop and trade digital goodies – from land and buildings to farms.

The game runs on Ethereum for handling NFTs, while Polygon handles all the game action and transactions. Its first chapter has just begun, and you can jump into a settlement named Terra Villa to begin your farming adventure. You’ll encounter interesting characters like Mayor Dave, accomplish missions, gain experience, and access amazing features. You can even use the game editor or your NFTs to personalize your character.

The Sandbox

While The Sandbox might not be your typical “Play-to-Earn” NFT game, it’s got some features that make it stand out, which is why it’s on our list of best NFT games. It’s currently sitting pretty as the world’s leading blockchain game, with a market cap of around $1 billion.

Think of The Sandbox as Minecraft meets NFTs. You can unleash your creativity and build all sorts of digital goodies and games using Voxel graphics and gameplay. Whether you want to sell off your creations or keep them to yourself, the choice is yours. Plus, The Sandbox hooks you up with user-friendly tools and even lets you import stuff from Minecraft.

Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve gone through the best NFT Games to play in 2024, feel free to play anyone you fancy. Each offers a unique experience, and you’ll have a fantastic time enjoying playing them. Plus, you can capitalize on the many advantages of NFT games to possibly cash out big.

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