The Most Cost-Effective and Environmentally-Friendly Ways to Dispose of a Vehicle

When a vehicle breaks down or becomes unusable, or you upgrade to a new car, it can be difficult to know what to do with the old one. Just trashing it means that it contributes to landfills, and having it disposed of can be costly.

Selling a Vehicle (Disposal)

That’s why we’ve outlined some of the safest, easiest, cheapest ways to dispose of your vehicle that also won’t harm the environment!

1] Trade It In

This method is great for anyone who wants to help themselves with the cost of their next vehicle. Dealerships often permit buyers to trade in their vehicle to make some money back to go toward their next.

If the car is in running condition, then the vehicle can be bought back in order to be fixed up. Even if the vehicle does not work anymore it can still be bought back for a trade-in, as it can be salvaged for parts, which can be recycled.

This method is great for the environment because it means that there will be less waste of parts on a trashed vehicle. Rather than just leave parts to rot in a landfill, they can be reused to create another vehicle. It is also a great way to decrease the cost of your next car and save money rather than considering the former vehicle a loss.

2] Donate It

Having a car or truck that is no longer running can be a hassle to deal with. It takes up space and can’t be used, and hiring someone to come pick it up can be expensive.

Donate A Car

There are hundreds of charitable organizations that take cars at absolutely no charge, pick them up, and use the vehicle or money made from salvaged parts to do great things for people all over the world.

These charitable organizations can assist with causes ranging from war veterans to children’s hospitals. Donating your car to a charitable organization not only saves you money with a free pickup, and saves you time and space as it gets your vehicle out of the way for you. It also saves the environment by reusing old parts.

The best part about donating a vehicle though is the great feeling it leaves you with. Knowing that your old run down car ended up helping to make someone else’s life a little bit better is a truly wonderful experience to have.

3] Hire a Cost-Effective Removal Service

Knowing which companies to work with can be difficult. A good car removal service can be the most convenient option, as it allows you to go through the process you do with a donation, but make money off of it that you can utilize to buy your next vehicle. Why let your old beater go to waste when you could make hundreds of dollars selling it back?

Many companies can give a free quote so that you know exactly what you’ll be receiving for your used car. These companies are great as they allow you to shop for the best option.

Rather than letting your car that doesn’t run anymore be a burden, let it turn a profit for you by calling a car removal service to keep your garage free and your pockets full.

4] Sell it to a New Home

If your car is still in running condition, even if it has experienced malfunctions, or you have outgrown the vehicle, you can still pass it on to a new owner easily and quickly.

Sell Car, Sell Used Car

This is a great option for cars that are still functioning, as it allows you to make some money off the car without wasting any parts or letting anything go to waste.

It also gets the vehicle out of your space and to a new, loving home. It is also a great deal for whoever buys it, as they will be able to spend less money than they would anywhere else.

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