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How to Become A Freelance Web Designer

Web design is a discipline that requires one to have an assortment of skills and discipline to aid in the creation and maintenance of websites. Some companies prefer to have in-house experts in this field, while others choose to use freelancers.

Become A Freelance Web Designer

Qualifications are a necessity in this field, but you need more to get many jobs that fall in this category. As a freelance web designer, it is vital to create your online portfolio to reflect your skillset and the projects that you have done for other clients.

The portfolio helps clients get to know you and decide whether they want the services you offer or not. Here are some of the steps that one must take to become a freelance web designer.


Research is a vital step for the prosperity of any business. It is be best to venture into the freelance web designing realm with knowledge on how the industry works. This will make it easier for you to create a relevant portfolio that matches the needs of your target audience or niche.

Understanding how the industry works is fundamental for growth. During this stage, you should also find out the cost of going into freelance web design. Creating your portfolio will require resources that you have to pay for.

Additionally, it would help if you had a marketing strategy, which is something you must research in order to form the best marketing strategy for your business. The legal framework of the business you set up is also something you must research and learn about before setting up shop.

Develop your brand

After knowing the inner workings of the industry, it is time to create a personal brand that will sell you and your services to the clientele. Branding begins with selecting a name for your enterprise, choosing colors, and creating a logo.

Having an identity is a must for a freelancer in this industry. It will help the client base know who you are and, by extension, what you can offer to their brands. Having a reputable brand helps build credibility, aids in delivering the message to the clientele, and makes it more manageable for you as a freelancer to build client loyalty.

You should pick a name, logo, and slogan that communicate the values of your business, and interests the intended consumers.

Have a style

There are different types of web designs, each with unique features that make them stand out. Having a style that sets you apart from competitors is essential as it helps you communicate your values as a brand. The style you choose, however, should not be limiting.

Try the various options available as you build your portfolio to showcase your skills without the limitation of style. Having a signature for the sites you develop may be the ideal way for you to stamp your marking.

Standing out is necessary in the web designing world as a freelancer as it helps you bag more clients. Colors and textures are among the other aspects that you can exploit to create an overall style that you can identify with.

Develop an elevator pitch

As a freelance web designer, one of the things that you will do for almost all projects is pitching. Freelancing is like owning a business, and entrepreneurs must have an elevator pitch. This element makes it more manageable for you as a freelancer to approach clients about solving their web design needs.

The pitch ought to have a strong introduction to capture and retain the attention of the potential clients. The overview of the products and services should be brief while outlining all the intrinsic details of your business.

When coming up with the elevator pitch, you must think like a businessperson to capture the solutions entrepreneurs are looking for. A good elevator pitch guarantees an upsurge of clientele if you can communicate effectively.

Provide a contact form

A freelance website designer without a portfolio site will look lost. Designing the best personal website is the first step towards achieving your goals, as we mentioned above. The contact form is one of the features that you must include in the portfolio site.

This makes it easier for interested clients to reach you and get the information they are after. Communication is a crucial part of any freelance job, and your clients should be able to reach you without any hassle. The lack of such vital information could cause a freelancer to lose many potential clients.

Other than the contact form, it is also important to make sure that the key aspects of your business are noticeable in the website that you build for yourself.

Having legal documents is another factor that you cannot assume as a freelancer. Contracts help protect both you and the clients. The terms of engagement should be clear from the start as well as the deliverables.

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