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3 Best Ways to Watch Juno On Netflix

Want to watch (or, why not, re-watch) this 2007 classic coming-of-age film? Surely you can do that on Netflix, right?

You can, but don’t get your hopes up yet! Juno is available on Netflix, but not in all countries. Due to licensing agreements, Netflix geo-blocks the movie to make sure it’s only available in regions it has licensing rights for.

Watch Juno on Netflix

How do you know where you can watch it then?

The easiest solution is to use the StreamCatcher Netflix library checker. It’s a website where you can check which countries Netflix titles are available in. When we looked up Juno for this article, these were the results.

StreamCatcher Netflix library

As you can see, you can watch the movie if you’re in Germany. The title might be available in other countries too, but this is the location the team behind StreamCatcher (ProPrivacy) tested the most to make sure it works. If you know where else Juno is available, please let us know in the comments.

Considering that, how can you watch Juno on Netflix outside Germany?

We’ll show you how to easily do that using three unblocking methods in this article.

How to Unblock Juno on Netflix

We ran numerous tests, and had the best results using the following unblockers.


VPNs are unblocking tools that hide your IP address. Basically, instead of seeing your device’s IP, Netflix will see the VPN’s IP address.

Without knowing your IP, Netflix won’t be able to geo-block your access anymore. The site won’t know what country you’re from, after all.

All that’s left is tricking Netflix into thinking you’re in Germany. That’s easily accomplished by using a German VPN server.

And here’s another cool perk of using a VPN – no more bandwidth throttling! VPNs encrypt your traffic, meaning ISPs can’t spy on it anymore. They won’t know you’re exchanging data with Netflix’s servers, so they won’t be able to throttle your Netflix speeds.

Which VPNs Should You Use?

Netflix has a particularly aggressive and efficient VPN & proxy detection system in place. Not all VPNs can’t outmaneuver it, so you can’t use just any VPN service. If you pick one at random, it likely won’t work. That means one of two things:

  1. You’ll end up on your country’s content library (so not the German one that has Juno).
  2. You’ll see the Netflix proxy error.

When we unblocked Juno, we used NordVPN (one of the VPNs recommended by StreamCatcher). The service worked really well for us – we unblocked Juno without any issues and had awesome speeds too!

Besides NordVPN, here are some other providers you can use.


Proxy servers are basically VPNs with weak or no encryption. They also help you bypass geo-blocks by hiding your IP from the sites you visit.

So to unblock Juno, you’d just need to use a German proxy server.

Just keep in mind – bandwidth throttling might be an issue since ISPs could check your traffic.

Oh, and don’t use free proxies. They’re easy to get, but they likely don’t work with Netflix. Basically, they don’t refresh their IPs fast enough, so Netflix detects them. Not to mention they have slow speeds and bandwidth caps too.

Smart DNS Services

A Smart DNS hides your geo-location by doing the following.

  • It changes your DNS address to make sure you’re not using your ISP’s DNS server (which can reveal where you’re from).
  • It change your DNS queries (what happens when you hit enter after typing a website name in the browser’s URL bar) to stop them from leaking your geo-location.
  • Finally, it sends your traffic through proxy servers located in countries where Juno is available (Germany, in this case).

Smart DNS services don’t use encryption, so bandwidth throttling can be an issue. If you’re not worried about that, you’ll like the fact that your original speeds won’t slow down (VPNs normally do that).

It’s worth mentioning that many VPN providers offer Smart DNS services alongside their main service (the VPN). Subscribing to them means you get a two-in-one deal for an attractive price. And if one unblocker stops working, you have another one as a backup.

Can You Unblock Juno with Tor?

Tor is a free privacy tool you can use to hide your IP address and encrypt your traffic. Tor can hide your geo-location, so it should work with Netflix, right?

Well, that depends on your luck. We heard of people managing to do that, but we weren’t able to. We tried many times, and had the same result: Netflix kept displaying the NSES-404 error code. That’s just a fancy way to say that the site was telling us Juno isn’t available in our area. So, Netflix knew we were using an unblocker.

You can try your luck, but here’s something to consider – Tor is extremely slow. It wasn’t built with streaming in mind, but privacy. That’s why it routes your traffic through three servers (meaning it encrypts and decrypts your data three times). That really takes its toll on your speeds.

There’s also the fact that there aren’t enough Tor servers for how many people use the service. Right now, the ratio is around 6,000+ servers for over two million users.

To get an idea of what kinds of slowdowns you can expect, we averaged 2-3 Mbps with Tor. For reference, our original speeds are around 150-200 Mbps. The best you can get on Netflix with Tor’s speeds is SD quality.

The Bottom Line

Juno is available on Netflix, but only in a few countries. In our tests, we were able to unblock the title with German VPN servers. If you know other locations we should try, please tell us about them in the comments.

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