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The Reason Why Server Issues Can Bring Your SEO Campaign to A Standstill

It was 2008 when Usain Bolt destroyed the 100m world record during the Beijing Olympics, and the world was captivated by his impressive, world-defining performance. Widely acclaimed to be the most accomplished, greatest sprinter of all time, everyone loves Usain Bolt. He’s charismatic, likeable and fast.

We could all make the world a better place by being more like Usain Bolt.

Strategic SEO Campaign

You can also apply the same logic to your website. Without speed and stability, nobody will want to use your website, nor will they ever find it in the first place because having a slow-loading website can dramatically affect your SEO ranking.

Today, we’re going to talk about why this is a problem and why it’s something you and your business needs to be thinking about.

Why is Website Speed Important for SEO?

Put yourself in the shoes (or maybe running shoes) of your customer or website user.

They’re looking for something online, and they search for a term on Google. Your website comes up at the top, and they click. The screen goes white, and things start to load. A few seconds pass. Then a few more.

The page isn’t completely loaded, and they can’t see what they’re looking for. They wait a few more, and thoughts like ‘oh, their website must be down or have problems’ flickers across their minds.

They don’t wait a few more. They leave.

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