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All You Need to Know about the JioFi 4G Wi-Fi Device

Are you one of those who constantly needs the Internet on-the-go? Well, while opting for a data pack on your phone is a smart choice, there is always a risk of Internet speeds getting affected while travelling due to network issues.

Reliance JioFi Portable 4G Wifi Router

JioFi Portable 4G Wifi Router

As an answer to this problem, many carriers have now started offering portable Wi-Fi and Internet hotspot devices to users. A noteworthy one includes the JioFi 4G Wi-Fi device, which is offered by Reliance Jio.

1) What is the JioFi device?

The first JioFi device was commercially launched in August 2016. Ever since then, people (including those with 3G and 2G phones) have been able to access the Internet at 4G speeds. This Wi-Fi hotspot device has been created to not only work efficiently and smoothly but also look good and stylish whether it is in your pocket or bag. You may even select a device of your favorite color or one that matches your phone.

The JioFi device has three different models – the JioFi, the JioFi M2S, and the JioFi JMR540. If you are wondering which of the three will be the best for you, check out the below comparison chart.

JioFiJioFi M2SJioFi JMR540
Dimensions (in cm)8.5 x 5.5 x 1.61.6 x 5.5 x 8.51.5 x 6.52 x 9.66
Maximum users321111
Maximum users on Wi-Fi31 (Though 10 are recommended)1010
Maximum users on USB tethering111
Battery capacity2,300 mAh2,300 mAh2,600 mAh

The following features are common among all the three devices:

  • The LTE band of all three devices is at 2300/1800/850MHz.
  • All devices enable video/voice calling even on 2G and 3G phones (using the Jio4GVoice app).
  • The devices have an LED indicator, nano SIM and microSD card slots, and a micro USB port.
  • All devices come with a 12-month warranty.

2) How much does the JioFi cost?

At present, the maximum retail price (MRP) of the JioFi, JioFi M2S, and JioFi JMR540 is INR 2,499, INR 2,329, and INR 2,499 respectively. However, Jio offers regular discounts on these devices, which is why you may get them for a much lesser price. The company also offers bundled data plans that let you browse the Internet without having to keep a constant eye on the number of MBs or GBs you use.

JioFi - 4G Speed Portable WiFi Hotspot Routers for Mobiles

3) How do I get a JioFi device?

Getting a JioFi device is as easy as 1, 2, and 3. All you have to do is:

  1. Walk on to your nearest Jio, Reliance Digital Xpress Mini, or Reliance Digital store to buy the device. Alternatively, you may also order it online.
  2. Fill in the required form, submit the required documents (Aadhar card or your identity proof, address proof, and a passport size photograph) and activate your Jio SIM.
  3. Insert the SIM into your new device and enjoy high-speed Internet!

With the entry of the JioFi, Indians have been consuming data like never before. Due to its pocket-friendly size, user-friendly usability, 4G speeds, and affordable plans, this device has been connecting people all across the country. So, when are you getting the JioFi? :)

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