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Going Virtual : The Benefits of VPNs

The Benefits of VPNs

VPN or Virtual Private Network is an answer to creating secure networks over long distances. Generally, VPNs are exploited by large firms or organizations and not single users. VPNs have a considerable edge over other such local area networks. Despite the fact that VPNs are generally used by large firms and organizations, these virtual private networks can be reached from individual computers as well. The major advantages that are offered by the use of VPNs are cost effectiveness and the ability to grow. Apart from these, VPNs are also very easy to use.

The Benefits of VPNs
Benefits of VPNs:

There are many Benefits of VPNs, The Benefits of VPNs are following.


There are three main areas where VPN helps a firm save money. It removes the requirement of long distance leased cables and lines. Telephone fees are reduced and support costs are offloaded as well.

Usually, businesses had to rent networks in order to securely connect offices in different locations. This meant that a hard line had to be commandeered for use and its rent added to the total expenses of a firm. With VPN, public networks can be used in order to connect to other VPNs. The only cost involved is the cost of the Internet connection.

The jet setting executive needs to tap into their company’s private network on their travels and earlier, this meant having to remotely access servers and pay for long distance network connections. VPNs allow clients to locally connect to a service provider and gain access to their company’s internal network.

Tech support outsourcing further reduces the cost of VPNs. Server maintenance is generally outsourced and the company can function with a leaner cost structure and budget. Outsourcing also means that the infrastructure is scalable and hence it can cope with spikes and growths in demand.

Benefits of VPNs

A Matter of Scale:

Whenever an organization attempts to build a network between its branches, the cost involved in connecting two branches is not very high. However, the cost starts to grow at an exponential rate. Connections between two offices will only require a single line of connection. Four offices will require six lines of connection, six offices will require fifteen lines of connection and the picture is a bleak one as the company continues to grow.

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VPNs completely remove the rising cost involved with connecting growing branches of a company. Access to a local Internet service provider is all that is required and the infrastructure required costs a minimal amount. What’s more, outsourcing tech support for the entire firm’s VPN operations will reduce the cost of maintenance as well making it a very profitable enterprise.

The Basics:

Each user has to have the correct software and hardware specifications in order to use a VPN. If installed and configured in the right fashion, they are very simple to work with and they can even be automated as part of a blanket network sign on. This means that employees can get to work, punch in their passwords and start their work immediately.

VPNs can also be made available over Wi-Fi networks. A few companies prefer to use VPNs to tie down secured Wi-Fi connections to local access points and this process gives better protection without inhibiting performance greatly.

Going Virtual: The Benefits of VPNs

Limitations of a VPN:

As with most things, even VPNs come with certain cons. There are a few considerations to make before choosing to use VPNs and these are:

  • In order to remain protected on public domains and networks (Internet), a proper understanding of possible security threats and issues along with the correct technique of installation and configuration is essential.
  • VPNs rely on networks whose performance in not under the control of the firm. This is especially true for VPNs using the Internet.
  • There are issues of compatibility between VPN solutions offered by different vendors. This is due to differences in quality control and technological standards. Thus, you cannot be too flexible with your VPN and pick and choose as you go along. You will need to stick with your choice and overhauling an entire network for a better choice could prove expensive. This means that the cost-effectiveness gained due to outsourcing tech support may be lost due to sourcing hardware and software from a single vendor.

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So, There are Many Benefits of VPNs(Virtual Private Server). If you have any doubt you can free to ask us by commenting below.

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