Shared Workspace In The British Capital

London is without a doubt the British capital of startups. Reports show that approximately 17% of the workforce is comprised of freelancers and small-scale businesses. This British business orientated mentality has caused the market to develop increasingly flexible office complexes that are both cost-effective as well as efficient, especially when compared to traditional leases.

Coworking space In the British Capital

Shared Workspace in the British Capital

An advantage to choosing a workspace in London is the city itself. Your brand will most likely have an image bonus when it’s linked to the capital. You will also have more options to choose from, depending on your preferences, and an increase in flexibility in terms of both costs and contracts.

Being the capital of the UK, you will also find the most high-end office environments available, with most of them being custom built or refurbished to modern standards.

Usually, shared office space in London can be found in two types, one that comes with all necessities included and the second on a monthly package that only offers access to desk spaces and a few extras with the option to pay for additional services, amenities and facilities.

Almost always included in the base rent are IT and telecommunications infrastructures, 24/7 access to the premises, a business address, cleaning and security services, and access to all the shared facilities that are available such as kitchens, bathrooms, events rooms, lockers, etc. The list of facilities and amenities varies from space to space depending on the business complex itself so attention to detail is required before you sign up.

Although co-working spaces present an undisputed cost advantage over conventional office leasing, London is a massive place and the amount you can expect to shell out will vary, sometimes hugely, depending on where you choose to work.

The monthly average for co-working work-space across the city is £300-£500 with the most expensive costing upwards of £1,500 in Fitzrovia and Mayfair and the most affordable in the E2 postcode area where shared space can be had for as low as £200.

If you are a beginner in the business world, you will benefit from some unique services that will no doubt help you, and will also attract you towards these shared spaces.

Shared office workspace

Benefits of shared spaces

There are some sectors which come with the added benefit of support services, which can greatly benefit you when starting your business. This support comes in the form of training courses, mentoring, workshops, and sessions with potential investors. To increase the chance of nailing these support services in your business, consider looking towards the more expansive operators of shared space offices.

The idea behind this is that it will help create business-based communities that work closely together with each other. Knowing this, you will want to look into shared space that can benefit your business the most, and that can maximize your exposure to professionals that will benefit you the most.

Make sure that spaces are, at the very least, related to your business startup concept, as you will benefit from the experience and professional work environment. These complexes are like families and they look out for each other, so do not be afraid to get involved with others. Collaboration will only help your business, both in the short and in the long term. 🙂

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