Let Your Business Skyrocket With a Virtual Office

Growing businesses often have trouble with finding space to accommodate their office and staff. But with the rapid improvement of technology, it’s time to embrace the virtual! Various online companies provide the option of a virtual office, live receptionists and even the availability of conference rooms! Using these services, the entrepreneur can concentrate on his brand, instead of worrying about its accommodations.

Grow Your Business With a Virtual Office

Virtual Office

1) Virtual Office Spaces

The concept of a virtual office might not be exactly attractive in the beginning. Many entrepreneurs, especially those who have been in the industry for sometime or mainly run a family business, will find the idea of using technology in such a level quite problematic. But it should be realized that with the industry changing so rapidly, you will have to adapt and this should be done with the change as it happens, if not even faster.

If you fail at this, no amount of investment will work. So, with proper funding it is better if the entrepreneur focuses on his business instead of worrying about an additional accommodation whose maintenance charge is bound add on to the pile already growing costs. This is unnecessary if your company is capable of thriving with a virtual office.

The freedom of a virtual office space will boost your market presence and increase your profits. This is extremely useful to those who do not have too many client visits and can work from anywhere. Certain service packages also include several deluxe conference rooms and live receptionists who will handle all phone calls, greeting the callers with your company’s customized message. For setting up a virtual office, you can log onto virtual office address and this will help you save almost 90% overhead costs of maintaining a personal office.

2) Use Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms

Sometimes for entrepreneurs it is necessary to hold meetings, host seminars, internship and training courses or meet clients, and for this they require conference rooms. Such professional conference rooms can be rented from available organizations in which you have enrolled your business.

For deluxe conference rooms, you can access conference room rental address where you will be able to hold all conferences as per your convenience. Renting an executive conference is actually a good decision and it will never affect your professional image negatively. These conference rooms are well equipped, catering to all your needs. For example, should you want to do a PowerPoint presentation, you will be able to use the HD flat screen TV that is available and should you want to hold a small meeting with your staff or an exclusive and private meeting with a client, then smaller rooms with wireless internet connection are also available.

Also for internships or trainings, rooms that can accommodate up to 40 people can be available and they are all fitted with excellent multi line speakers. These conference rooms are pretty comfortable with long, polished tables and luxurious chairs and prove to be great professional settings to feature your business in.

3) Let a Live Receptionist Handle all Office Calls

To cut down the costs, growing businesses do find it difficult to employ too many people, but you can have a live receptionist without paying any of the usual wages or taxes. The receptionist will not only answer phone calls, but also deal with the company’s emails. When answering the calls for you, the receptionist will screen the calls according to your preference, before they are transferred to you and billed cents per minute only when you have received the call.

At virtual receptionist address, to activate the Live Receptionist Service, you will have to register your number and after 24 hours the receptionists will be able to take over. Live receptionists are usually professionals who are experts in handling business calls from various fields, including those like medical brands, law firms, as well as real estate companies.

4) Set Up an Official Address for your Business

Set Up an Official Address for your Business

Lobby listing is a feature offered by many organizations which allows you to have your business’s name featured on a particular company’s lobby so that your clients can easily find you, instantly improving your professional image.

Global Business Centers, at Golden Triangle, Beverly Hills provides the option of using their official Executive Suites address (Beverly Hills 90210) as the company’s business address for any contact information, on business cards or marketing platforms.

The option of an exclusive business area code (310) is also provided where your clients can call, and the number is connected to voicemail via your official email address.

Thus, if you decide on a virtual office, your business is bound to succeed at a very low cost! 🙂

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