All You Need to Know About Logistics

Logistics in simple terms is the channel that has facilitated the transportation of goods and products to customers. These operations include the purchase of raw materials, packaging, and shipment to distributors all managed within the organization.



Another term widely used alongside logistics is supply chain management which entails a more extensive network of collaborative organizations that work hand in hand with the company to deliver products to consumers. Examples would be warehouse providers, transport providers or call centers.

This collaboration facilitates a smooth path for a consumer to make an order of a product and have it delivered to them at the stipulated time and in good condition.

A well-established logistics company like the 3PL Logistics Company is widely recognized for its expertise in this field and has grown immensely over the years due to its prowess in logistics and supply chain management.

Logistics Components

Sourcing and Procurement of Raw Materials

At this point, a logistics company takes up the task to acquire the best of raw materials or supplies that they are to assemble or package for their consumer. If this stage is not carried out well, the failure of this entity is very likely. Here, a lot goes in into research and product testing. Only the best is acquired.

Production Scheduling

Once the raw materials have been procured, this department takes on the task of preparation and states the duration under which the final product will be ready for transportation. Be it assembling of spare parts into a machine or packaging of maize into sacks; a schedule is vital to the process of the supply chain.

Order Processing

This entails how the orders from consumers come in and the process by which they are taken care of. Before the evolution of technology, this process would require a customer to physically head to the point of origin to make an order, but that is all in the past.

Order Processing

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Now all one has to do is log into the company’s website, email them or make a phone call to make an order tailored to their preferences. The order is then taken into account with the help of logistics systems.

Stock Management

Stock management is the process of managing and stocking the products in the warehouses or stores. Here a management team makes sure that the conditions required for proper storage are adhered to as well as making sure that the number of products needed in storage are at par with the systems. This is to ensure that the products available in the warehouse are the goods available as stated.


Transportation covers the part where the goods move from the warehouse to the consumer. It may include shipping or air travel; if orders are international, or by road if orders are within the company’s locality.

All these arrangements if not well designed, taking into consideration the costs, unpredicted weather or unexpected eventualities can result in delays and loss in trust with customers or even loss of products in case the goods being transported are perishable.


A business with a well-executed logistics department is able to meet the customer’s needs hence guarantees the business’ success. If this system is not organized the products cannot reach the consumers in good condition and in a timely manner, the company loses its credibility.

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