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How to Find Someone’s Email Address Online

Calling someone directly always looks like a convenient option. However, many times you need to rely on email services to communicate with others. It is common when you need to connect with someone professionally.

However, it is easy to find someone’s email address when you have no other ways to connect them. In such cases, you can rely on free email search and people search tools.

Find Someone's Email Address Online

The good thing about these tools is you won’t need to send a request anywhere. Instead, you can perform a search online and get all the information you want.

Feeling confused? Here’s how these things work.

What is a People Search? How it Works?

A people search is all about finding someone online. The service focuses on providing access to public information of individuals. The good thing is anyone can use these tools to get some reliable information online.

When we talk about finding someone’s email address, it means we will access the complete records of that person. On the other, if we had to access the details of an email address, we would go for the email lookup services. Thus, there is a difference in both services.

Using a people search is quite easy as you just need a reliable service provider. Luckily, you can find some trusted people search platforms where you can access any information for free.

Don’t worry! Here’s the one used by millions of people online.


SearchPeopleFree is more than just a people search tool as it offers access to public information of any kind. The tool focuses on main four features including people search, phone lookup, address lookup, and email lookup.

The thing is all the tools will provide detailed reports where you can access all the information of a person. So basically performing any of the above searches will deliver the information you want.

Using the people search of this platform is the easiest as you just need someone’s full name for it. That is why we will only cover that tool of this website. If you want to check details using a phone number or someone’s address, you can check the other tools available on the platform.

Find Someone’s Email by People Search

Let’s get to the main part and discuss how you can find someone’s email address using their name.

Follow these easy steps and get all the email addresses you want.

  • Visit the SearchPeopleFree platform on a web browser.
  • Access people search tool by switching between the available options.
  • Enter the full name of the person whose email address you want.
  • Access the report generated by the system.

It is important to know that the generated report includes all the information of that person. Thus, it is not limited to the email addresses. You can find their age, social media profiles, acquaintances details, and much more.

How Reliable Is It?

If you are wondering about the reliability of the people search method in general, we would say that it is about 80% effective. However, if we talk about this specific tool, the accuracy rate is over 97%. It means 97 times out of 100, you will get the information you were looking for.

When it comes to other factors like security and privacy issues, you can trust the platform to offer you complete privacy. It ensures you get a safe experience by eliminating the need for registration on the platform.

Anyone can visit the website to use the tools. Also, the website is secured by an SSL certificate that ensures you get a private surfing experience.

You can learn more about the tool by visiting its website. All the information is available in the privacy policy.

What to Expect from a People Search Report?

The people search report generated by this platform usually offers all the public information of that person.

Here are some of the main sections you can access.

Person’s Identity

The first section offers all the information you need to identify that person. It will show you the complete name, photo, age, gender, marital status, and some other identity-related information. Thus, you can use the section to get some basic details.

Contact Details

This is the section where you will find the information you want. It includes the email address, phone number, alternate phone number, and home address of a person. You can refer to this section to find updated records of a person.

Relatives and Acquaintances

The section is helpful when you want to check for any connections with the targeted person. Here, you can find all the relatives and acquaintances of the person to find a mutual connection. The most popular use of this data is to figure out if you should pick up an unknown call by checking the mutual connections here.

Criminal Records

The section focuses on the criminal activities of an individual. It will show you the offenses, arrest records, traffic tickets, court sessions, and other crimes committed by the person. With the information available in this section, you can easily figure out if a person is safe to be around.

Employment History

As it suggests, the section shares the employment history of the person. It contains all the records of where the person has ever worked. In some cases, you can find the employer’s review of the person as well.

Final Words

If you are fed up with searching for someone’s email online, we recommend you give people search tools a try. Platforms like SearchPeopleFree and CocoFinder offer some reliable services to help you out.

The good thing is you can find some other contact details as well. It means you won’t need to rely on just email as you will also find the direct phone number of that person.

If you are not interested in using people search tools, you can search for the business they own and use the business email from there. It is not as effective as the previous method, but you can still get some information to start with.

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