Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery V7 (Software Review)

In the History of Internet, the word data has great access to meeting your needs. The computer data has been one of the most valuable sources by which we could have advanced properly. With the availability of the integrated Internet devices, we could send or receive the data at the same time and without any hesitation. However, what will happen if the data is lost some day?

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

Well, though we all know that the deleted data are present within the device but requires external software to view. With the help of the Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery V7 Review, you can easily recover your lost data and then keep it stored. In other words, the software is effective for anyone to use to save or to store data which is not used simply.

Key Features of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery V7 Review

There are a lot of features for using the software which might ultimately help you in using the software. You can easily recover the lost files or the folders as well as the documents and the other important files with the help of the software. Here are some of the most exciting key features to use:

Easy to Do:

One of the most exciting features which you might love to use is the simple step recovery option. The software is very user-friendly, and there are no complications for using the software efficiently. You can simply recover the deleted or the lost files in 2 simple steps to get your needs fulfilled.

Safe to use:

The software is very efficient in work, and the procedure to recover the files is very simple which allows you to use the files just as you need to do. Once you can get the files, you can simply allow efficient recovery to meet your needs. Yo can almost recover data from any type of files including media content or even encrypted contents. Even if the PC is formatted, you can still recover the files.

Recover the specific Files:

Recover the specific Files

Once you start to recover, you can recover any file types and also formats according to your needs. The best part of all is that you can even recover data from removable devices or flash drives when it is connected to the PC. With the help of add new file types, you can recover any data.


One of the best features that you might receive is just with the recovery options. Apart from recovering the whole files or even the subfolders, you can even recover the single lost file which is a great advantage. The software thoroughly supports all versions of Windows to work with.

Key Updates in Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery V7

There are many changes that have come up from the V6 version to the latest and upgraded V7 version. Some of the most valuable updates are as follows:


Having a brand new interface allows all the users to make the Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery V7 a great platform. With the efficient data recovery system, operating the software becomes easy, and it also has become a lot easier when the interface is benefited.

Free Version:

One of the key things that we could get is the free version of the Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery V7. With the help of free version, you can restore upto 1GB of lost data. To download the free version, you simply need to click here. Also, you need to enter the editor special NFR Key F7A3-42FA-7867-FAA2-A944 to register with the free version.


One of the most beneficial advantages of using the Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery V7 is that the software is completely dedicated. You can easily recover either folders, documents multimedia files or even speed up the scan time by turning off preview during scan.

Raw File Recovery:

One of the major benefits of using the software is that the output over the years have proven that the software brings 25% better recovery results than all the others. The improved RAW File Recovery is now fully automatic and is also available for the users to use.

Enhanced Support:

One of the key things that you can easily come up with is the enhanced support options for adding the new file types for data recovery. The scanning engine of the latest version of Stellar Phoenix is upto 40% more effective than all the previous versions to use.

Product Functionalities:

Select What to Recover

Select What to Recover

With the latest versions of Key Updates in Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery V7, you can recover the specific type of data instantly. This optimizes the performance of the software and also saves your time a lot. Infact, all that you need to do is select “Everything” to recover all the data. Apart from this, you can also get an option to select the documents, folders as well as the media files which you can easily get.

Select the Location for searching Data

Select the Location for searching Data

With the help of the Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery V7, you can get an option to look at the specific locations of the storage. Remember one thing that the data is not lost until the file has been overwritten. So what you need to do is make sure that you undergo the browse section and choose the destination for the file to be saved.

Deep scan

The Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery V7 has an additional function of conducting the Deep scan. Though the software has an original scan where most of the recovery files can be found, some of the data may still not be found.

So all that you need to do is to run the deep scan option to find out the undiscovered items. Once you can find them, you can now easily recover the files. 🙂

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