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Top 12+ Best Content Marketing Tools In 2024

For businesses, content marketing is one of the proven ways of connecting with customers. Moreover, it helps the majority of brands stay competitive in today’s cut-throat commercial ecosystem. Content marketing today has significantly evolved, what was done in the past is not what is being done now.

Best Content Marketing Tools


Over the past decade, content marketing has immensely grown due to changes in customer preferences, the increased competition among brands, and the ever changing face of technology.

According to a Content Marketing Report, today, 95 percent of B2Cs are involved with content marketing at some level. The findings also reveal that content creation is the area of content marketing that has received the most expenditure.

With that said, as far as content marketing goes, there are several tools available today to help. Let’s look at some of them.

Best Content Marketing Tools for 2024

Ready to give your content strategy a boost? Use these tools.


It is an excellent tool that helps with SEO, content, and social media marketing. With SEMrush, business leaders can look out for various keywords, web traffic, analytics, and topics.

Moreover, users can gauge the quality of their content against the high-ranking ones. For the reason mentioned, SEMrush is an excellent tool if you want to keep up with you better competitor in business.


Collaborator is a Direct Content Marketing Marketplace for advertisers who are looking for trusted platforms to share their news and stories and publishers who want to monetize their website or Telegram channel by accepting guest posts and press releases or posts. Advertisers can see over 40 parameters, including traffic for the past 6 months, for each site, which makes the process of selecting the most relevant donor site much easier.

Also Asked

It is a tool that allows you to analyze the “People Also Ask” results on Google and how they relate to each other. With it, users can find out about more answers that will be generated on Google, depending on the ones they click on. It provides you with a visual detailing how the various levels of queries are corresponding to the subsequent ones.


Content marketing is only effective if you have excellent content. With Grammarly, you can check the grammar, spelling, readability, and punctuation of your content before you post it on the internet for everyone to see.

It comes in free and paid packages, with the subscription plan offering more comprehensive functions. These include checks for passive/ active voice, synonym suggestions, among other useful features.


Evernote is an excellent note-taking application that enables you to keep track of any ideas that get into your brain. If you are a person who always has several ideas floating into your head but tend to forget them fast, then this app will come in handy. You can create posts and move them to your content management system later.

Also, it allows you to make notes on the articles you want to create for your blog. Best of all, it enables you to share your ideas with other people, thereby helping you to create great content.


Brandcitations is client-oriented link building service to boost your site ranking. They produce natural SEO backlinks and link building strategies since 2013. Brandcitations service is multilingual and makes posting in English, German, Spanish, French, Polish and Italian.


Trello is an excellent content marketing tool that helps you to organize and update your content. Moreover, it also works as a messaging app by allowing you to communicate with your team hassle-free.

Thus, it enables you to share ideas and collaborate remotely on team projects. You can create boards, lists, and cards on this tool to help you identify anything, from advertisements to editorial calendars.

Content Marketing Tools


If you regularly post content about your brand online, you will find Tweroid very useful. It is an analytical tool that can help you maximize your reach on Twitter. It analyzes when your Twitter followers are online by looking at their tweets and then suggests the best time to post your message, for it to reach the maximum number of people.

Once you identify the perfect times to engage your audience, you can be posting during these peak hours. To use this tool, you should sign in with your Twitter account to give Tweroid access to your follower list. Then, the tool generates a report and sends the analysis to your email or DM.

PRNEWS.IO is a content online store, the perfect tool to be published in the right way, and at the right time. Which will be also a nice fit for your content marketing tools. Create your online newsroom for PR distribution, sponsored posts, stories, native ads, and branded content on top tier publications all over the world.


Email marketing is one of the most important aspects of content marketing. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 87% of B2C marketers use email as their organic content distribution channel.

If you want to start or optimize your email marketing strategy, MailChimp is a wonderful tool that will help you do that. With this tool, you can build a mailing list and send thousands of emails in seconds.

Plus, you can also analyze how your emails perform. Moreover, MailChimp provides an array of other services in addition to email marketing.


One of the hardest things in content creation is evaluation, whether your content is clear and readable. Even very experienced content writers need to check the quality of their work.

By running your content on the Hemingway app, you can detect common mistakes, as well as complicated and lengthy sentence structures, adverb overuse, and passive phrases. Apart from showing you errors and the readability of your text, it also allows you to edit and format your content right there.

Content King

Content King app suite is terrific for auditing and tracking SEO content. It analyzes your website content around the clock and gives you actionable insights. Reports are stored on the cloud for quick and easy access. If something malfunctions, you get an immediate alert so that you can fix it on time.

Word Count Tool

Word Count tool is as straightforward as it sounds – it helps you count words as well as characters in an article or piece of text. However, it also does much more than that. It also enables you to gauge your content’s readability so that you can know if it is appropriate for your audience.

And perhaps the most useful feature this tool offers to content marketers is keyword density analysis. It tells you how many times you have repeated keywords and phrases in your writing.

Final Words

Content is key to engaging with your audience. And many top-performing brands have robust content marketing strategies. Today, it is not so difficult to create engaging content.

Several tools and technologies are available now to help you with everything – content- creation, optimization, distribution, analysis, etc. Explore this list of fantastic tools and applications to boost content engagement for your brand and grow your business.

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  • Nice article, thank you for posting it! As a copywriter, I can’t imagine my work without using Grammarly. Trello is an amazing tool that helps to improve the management of the processes. I would like to check out other tools from your list as well. I am sure they will help!