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How Technology Is Helping Modern Day Mobile Games

The telecom industry has seen tremendous growth in the last decades. Particularly, the astonishing growth of the mobile gaming sector within the telecom domain is something to marvel. The growth of mobile gaming companies has prompted many console gaming moguls to offer their games on the mobile platform.

Technology Is Helping Modern Day Mobile Games

In the previous eras, mobile games used to simple and not so user-friendly. Because of the lack of technology and planning, it was a herculean task to draw players into gaming. But the modern-day technology helped the gaming companies so much that they pioneered so many innovations in the mobile gaming sector and has transformed it into a giant Hercules.

The unique selling point about modern-day games is that it is able to leverage every device available – Be it smartphones, tablets or laptops. Also, in the earlier era, the boundaries of the gaming industries were restricted because of various factors like demographics and areas of interest.

Modern-day games easily shatter those barriers with their upgraded technology and by placing real-time characters as protagonists they are able to reach a wide audience.

Rather than being confined to browsing centres or game zones, with the rapid penetration of the internet and an increasing number of smartphones, these games have now entered our living rooms and are traveling along with us.

1] Gamification Approach

The buzzword these days around every product we use is gamification. The gamification term denotes the application of elements related to game playing to various areas, typically as a marketing strategy to encourage more involvement with the product.

Ever-amassing technology has brought in unbelievable changes in the mobile gaming sector. Earlier mobile games were catered to a limited audience, so the approach was narrowed down much that there wasn’t much scope for innovation or experimentation.

There was no room for interactive features. But with the IT revolution, game creators understood the massive potential of the gaming industry and began to take it more seriously. Understanding the gamers craving for interactive games they were able to leverage the technology to its fullest reach and came up with games with a more user-friendly interface and good story plot.

They replaced the decade-old graphics with cutting edge technology, and also upgraded game mechanics to an advanced level in sync with the modernity so that gamers get immersive gaming experience.

As the gaming industry is increasingly becoming extremely competitive, developers are forced to come up with a unique plot to stay relevant. Technology has enabled millions of users enjoy gaming in a shared platform.

This can explain the colossal success of games like PUBG, which blew the roof in terms of popularity. These games were able to connect with the audience because they allow players to connect with each other, no matter which part of the world they stay in. Even in terms of graphics and game mechanics, it has seen a dramatic improvement.

2] User-Friendly Features

One of the hallmarks of today’s games is the extremely user-friendly interface. For a gamer to have a complete gaming experience, a solid user-friendly interface, aided with easy-to-use features are a must. Developers concentrated on this aspect and made the game as user-friendly as possible.

It is because of this aspect games like the rummy card game were able to strike a chord with the gamers instantly. Because of the technological advancements, rummy operators now provide state-of-the-art rummy mobile apps that the users can download for free.

Once they download and install the app on their devices, they can jump in for some thrilling rummy action anytime they want.

3] Reduction in prices

Because of the advent of smartphones, game manufacturers are able to save huge money. Back in the earlier days, a significant amount of money was spent on CDs, packaging and physical distribution. The marketing charge was an additional expense that the companies were burdened with.

Today with players’ preference for mobile games, Play Store and App Store have enabled ease of distribution for the game development companies. This has considerably reduced the expenses the gaming companies have otherwise to incur.

Also, revenue generation isn’t an issue as the companies could initially draw players to them by allowing them to download their app for free and then generate revenue through in-app purchases.

The reduction in cost helps the company to dwell more on giving the users, personalized experience with several interactive features. Games nowadays are poised with real-time characters, interesting story-lines, advanced game mechanics, thereby creating more user immersion and engagement.


Due to the low cost and easily funding options available, mobile game development companies are able to keep in line with the audience’s demands and are able to offer what they prefer.

With the pace technology is keeping up these days, we envision, it will grow further thereby offering a multitude of choices for the consumers.

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