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Be Still My Heart: What does “Be Still My Heart” Mean?

Be Still My Heart! What are idioms? Idioms are words that are hung together in non-literal discourse to pass on considerations and sentiments. Quite possibly the most well-known idiom utilized today is the expression “be still my heart.”

What does “Be Still My Heart” Mean

Here you will track down the significance for this expression, where the expression came from, models in discourse and discussion, and alternate approaches to pass on similar importance.

Be Still My Heart

Be Still My Heart Meaning

The expression “be still my heart” is utilized by an individual during discussion or discourse to communicate that they are exceptionally overpowered by something that is has been said or done, normally in light of a heartfelt signal. It is saying that the activity is in a real sense making their heartbeat quickly. In current occasions, it is normally said wryly in light of an activity that the speaker believes is exhausting or not intriguing.

Origin of these idioms

The start of this expression can be followed back to the year 1697 when it was first utilized by creator John Dryden. In those days the expression utilized was “my beating heart.” This expression was utilized oftentimes throughout numerous years by artists and authors the same in heartfelt stories and verses.

In 1705, the whole expression “stay composed, my pulsating heart” was utilized by creator William Mountfort. It was first utilized as a wry and amusing articulation by dramatists Gilbert and Sullivan in 1878. Steadily throughout the long term, the expression has been decreased to “my oh my.”

“Be Still My Heart” Examples

Examples in Statements

A newscaster portraying a broadcast rapid pursuit on the turnpike.

  • “Oh, good heavens, he just collided with the center boundary!”

A games caster commentating an interesting football match-up.

  • “Be still my heart! I can’t really accept that he recently kicked that field objective from 65 yards out and dominated the match!”

Models in Conversation

A model discussion between a couple.

  • Husband: Do you recollect what day it is today?
  • Wife: How could I neglect?! It’s our twentieth wedding commemoration!
  • Husband: It positively is and here are these 20 roses only for you, one for consistently we have been hitched.
  • Wife: Oh! My oh my! You are so sweet!

A model discussion between a child and his mother.

  • Son: I needed to ask Gretchen to the prom, yet I don’t have the foggiest idea how to do it.
  • Mother: Well, I am certain you will think about a significant method to ask her.
  • Son: Well, I was contemplating taking her to the seashore and having one of the planes tow a sign that says “Gretchen, will you go to prom with me?”
  • Mother: Be as yet my thumping heart! That is so heartfelt! She would cherish that!

Alternate Ways to Say “Be Still My Heart”

There are numerous alternative approaches to say “be still my heart.” Some of them include: gracious my, gosh, wow, I’m so energized, my heart just skirted a thump.

“My oh my” equivalents list:

  • Oh my gosh
  • My god
  • Oh dear
  • OMG
  • Oh wow
  • Oh my
  • I’m so energized
  • Oh Jesus
  • My heart just skipped a beat
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