19 Proven Reasons Why Hostel Life Is The Best Phase Of Your Life

Hostel life is considered to be one of the most amazing phases in the life of a student. A hostel is a place where the student develops himself as an independent person with his own responsibilities.

Before entering the hostel, every student remains in the protection of a good comfy house with their parents where they get everything which they ask for, from food to clothes to all the luxuries of life. But, once a student enters into a hostel, they realize that they are out of their comfort zone.

Why Hostel Life Is Awesome 

Hostel Life

The hostel life is completely different from the one which you by now had enjoyed being with your family, friends and relatives.

Here you have your own room, just friends on whom you can depend on. But do you know that hostel life is the best phase of your life?

If you are in doubt, then you landed on the right page because today, I am here with the reasons why hostel life is the best phase of your life, despite being a different one.

Saving Money 

Save Money

After entering the hostel, you will start learning every possible way to save money. If you will have an open hand to money, then it will push you into a pit. And only your saved money can save you. You will find numerous ways to save money in a hostel.

Food Tantrums 

Food Tantrums

Believe me! All your tantrums for food will be washed out when you try the food of a mess. But that’ll make you a superhuman who can digest almost anything.

Group Study

Group Study

You will get to know what group study really means when only one friend will be teaching almost 10 people on one night before the exam.

Develop Skills

You start to develop skills to work under pressure. Because most of the times there will be no one to force you to study and you will be finding yourself searching for the books a night before your exam.

Nicknames for All 

Nick Names

Being in a hostel, your mind gets sharp because you start giving nicknames to everyone, from a security guard to your warden to your teacher.

Wake up Early- For a Loo 

Hostel Bathroom

Haha! 😀 Yes, it is really a funny thing which makes your hostel life the best one. You learn to wake early, not to study, but to go for a loo before someone else does. If you won’t get to the bathroom on time, then you will face the water scarcity issue.

Jugaad Subject 

Jugaad Subject

Whether you get a degree in your academics or not, but you will definitely pass with flying colors in the jugaad subject. If you really want your life to go on smoothly in the hostel, then you have to use every possible jugaad for it.

Feeling of being in a Stadium 

Hostel Masti

Watching cricket and football matches with your friends will never make you feel that you are not in a stadium.

Maggi- Your Best Friend 


No matter, whether you make any friends or not, but Maggi will be your best friend. It will give you a company on those sleepless nights.

Enjoying every small thing 

Enjoying every small thing

You start to enjoy the small things in life, like playing cards in candlelight during power cuts. Counting stars with your friends just because you have nothing to do, all this gives small peaceful joy.

Best Buddies for Life 

Best Buddies for Life

You will make few good friends in the hostel who will stay with you for a lifetime and you can call them your best buddies.

Bunking Classes 

Bunking Classes

Bunking your classes and taking every risk to reach your favorite place will be the most fun part.

Bunking Classes

Playing Pranks 

Playing Pranks

Also, the best joy time in the hostel is playing pranks on your friends, especially during the night.

Your birthday becomes the most painful day of the year

Hostel Birthday

Feeling of being independent 


Late night show at hostel 

Late Night

You know where to find the things. People swear by your management skills 

Hostel Life Meme

Apart from these reasons, you will even start taking every single opportunity to enjoy the moments with your friends.

You know how to save petrol. One bike is an ride for three 

Hostel Ride

Hostel life gives a good fun time to every student. Most of all, hostel prepares you for the harsh world out there. No one is more ready to face it than a person who has been this self-dependent. So, guys, these are the best reasons why hostel life is the best phase of your life.

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I bet that you won’t forget these moments ever in your life. These moments cannot be replaced throughout your life.

If you have any such experience of hostel life, then do share with us. 

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  • I spend one year in hostel after my 12th standard it was one of the best moments of my collage life.
    more importantly mid night maggie making was just awesome and bunking the classes just to see cricket matches with our friends in hostel was one of my favorite moments.

    Thanks for remembering me my old memories

    Sai kiran.

  • Yah right, hostel life is amazing, I also enjoyed that life and still enjoying that one, and hostel friends will be my best buddies, great article priya, keep writing.

  • Really it’s great article.. Hostel life is amazing moments of your life.. 😀

    • Thanks for appreciating!
      Yeah! Absolutely true!
      The moments spent at hostel are truly precious.

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