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Best iPhone Apps for Real Estate

If you are looking to buy a house for the first time, then it is certainly one of the most monumental decisions in your life. Investing hard-earned money into a property in the hopes of making it your abode is a complex process, especially for new home buyers.

Real Estate Applications for Apple iPhone

Real Estate Apps for iPhone Users

On the other hand, real estate agencies are looking to streamline the process and make it more efficient for potential home buyers.

Hence, various developers have designed excellent and best iPhone app for real estate industry.

Check out our list of the top popular and reliable real estate apps for iPhone users in 2019.

1] Bigger Pockets

Bigger Pockets is an excellent iPhone app for learning about real estate industry. This excellent tool provides new home buyers/sellers all they need to know about the complexities of the property market, including blog posts, eBooks, forum links, guides, etc.

2] Real Estate website has been a leading search portal for the real estate industry for many years. The Real Estate app for iPhone provides an extensive Multiple Listing System (MLS) using data feeds from popular and trending property-based websites. It also helps new home buyers connect with reliable and reputed local real estate agents easily.

3] Trulia

The Trulia app is designed solely for active home buyers. Using this app, it becomes immensely easy to search for the best-suited homes as per your choice. The incredible filtering feature in its search options help you to even identify particular features that you wish your new home to have.

4] HomeSnap

HomeSnap is another excellent iPhone real estate app for those searching to buy the perfect house. Apart from the conventional filters in search feature, the app is excellent to share home features and pictures via instant messaging with your significant other and family members involved in the home search.

It also provides updated information through real-time synchronizing with MLS. The speed and agility provided by HomeSnap can make the different between a successful or late bid.

5] ZipRealty

ZipRealty app for iPhone is yet another reliable real estate app for home buyers. It provides users with instant updates when new homes hit the market in their preferred ZIP area.

The app also included relevant information, such as about the local neighborhood, the HOA, etc. This is one of the fastest updated real estate apps on the market today.


The iPhone app of provides users with access to information on millions of homes for sale and rent throughout the country. The incredible built-in features, including high-resolution property pictures, interactive maps, real-time mortgage rates help in buying the perfect home in the most efficient manner possible.

7] Xome Real Estate

Last, but not the least, the Xome Real Estate app for iPhone offers all-round assistance to new home buyers. From searching, to title and closing the deal, Xome app offers a seamless home buying experience. Choose Xome for easy and convenient home buying.


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