How To Avoid Truck Accidents: 5 Useful Tips

There are rampant cases of commercial trucks crushing smaller vehicles. By reason of this, many cities have recorded countless deaths through road accidents. Of course, commercial trucks are sizeable vehicles and unlike other motorists, their drivers usually require quite a long time to make turns.

How to Avoid Truck Accidents

Unfortunately, those in smaller vehicles bear the most devastating consequence when collisions occur between commercial trucks and smaller vehicles. But for smaller motorists to avoid these collisions and maintain a safe driving experience, here are the 5 tips they should take into account.

1] Don’t be Distracted

Distraction is said to be one of the major causes of car accidents. If you get carried away by things like newspapers, foods, mobile phones or the high-standing billboards along roads, you’re probably paving the way for an accident.

More importantly, don’t engage in social messaging during your drives. Ensure you have fully arrived at your journey’s end before replying to text messages.

Using earphones while driving can also be a bad idea because if you’re listening to loud music, you may not hear the honking of a nearby commercial truck or other vehicle.

You can have a quality semi exhaust to keep noise level low and have better concentration while driving. On the other hand, having one of the quality tractor trailer bumpers can avoid significant damage to your truck and its engine.

2] Keep Trucks at a Considerable Distance

Besides the alarming fact that a truck is much larger than your vehicle, it can be quite dangerous to stay too long beside the truck. Your vehicle may skid under the truck if the truck driver uses the brake all of a sudden.

In another instance, your vehicle’s windshield can be struck by tire remnants if the tires of the truck suddenly burst.

3] Signal Clearly before Turning

If you’re driving very close to a commercial truck with the intent of turning, changing lanes or overtaking the truck, make sure you signal in time so that the driver can start making necessary adjustments early enough.

Changing your lane all of a sudden is very dangerous because the truck driver may not have enough chance to adjust his/her driving and prevent colliding with your vehicle. In approaching truck drivers, ensure you give your signals earlier than you would while driving nearby other motorists.

4] Overtake with Great Caution

As a driver in a smaller vehicle, you have to be very cautious while overtaking a commercial truck. Unlike mini vehicles, sizeable trucks require time and space to maneuver or pull up. So, never take the foolish risk of passing these trucks too hastily. Naturally, somebody driving a commercial truck can easily notice you if you’re moving towards them on the left side.

Overtake with Great Caution

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Also, note the appropriate time to overtake a truck. A truck will usually decelerate and accelerate while coming downwards and going upwards respectively. Advisably, do not attempt to overtake it in either of these situations.

5] Stay Out of Blind Spots

Compared to other drivers, those driving commercial trucks tend to have more blind spots probably due to the massive sizes of the trucks. Oftentimes, drivers of commercial trucks find it hard to see you from blind spots. Advisably, keep a safe distance from a commercial truck to simply prevent being in blind spots.

To figure out whether you’re in a blind spot or not, look into the side mirrors of a truck. Perhaps the driver of the truck won’t notice you provided you can’t see him/her in the side mirrors.

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