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Have you ever felt that the internet service you are using is far slower than the promised internet speed? If yes, then you definitely must have felt not only cheated but also helpless due to failure to assure your doubt.

Internet Speed Test | Check Your Internet Speed

Internet Speed Test

If this has ever been the case with you and you do not want the same thing to happen again, you must surely try the following internet speed tests to check what the actual speed of your internet connection is. Plus it will also help you to know whether your internet service provider is reliable or not.

What to do if your internet connection is slow?

If you ever feel that the internet connection you are using is slower than usual or the promised speed, then you are highly recommended to conduct an internet speed test. Such a speed test will give you the information related to not only the bandwidth but also inform you about the latency losses, physical losses, etc.

This test will determine if you are actually getting the bandwidth that you have been promised by your provider and which you are paying for or you are just being cheated upon. It also predicts if there is some sort of bandwidth throttling occurring in your connection.

These tests can be conducted very easily with the help of many free internet speed testing sites. All you have to do is to sign up on any of the below-mentioned sites and then provide the information required. You will get all the information related to the bandwidth that has been provided by your service provider.

One thing to keep in mind before using these sites is that some of them might not work at all if the ad blocker is on. So do not forget to turn it on while using those sites.

A development by Ookla, this site called is the next best option for you to test the speed of your internet connection. It is probably one of the most popular and reliable bandwidth recording software by ookla which has many exciting features as well.

And It outstands in speed as well as functioning. It has a list of around 1000 servers out of which it selects the nearest server and then conducts the internet speed test over it. After the test ends, the user gets a detailed description that not only includes the speed diagnosis but also the power loss and latency.

Ookla also maintains a massive database based on its user’s feedback and showcases the promised and actual internet speed and bandwidth by various internet service providers. This is very helpful for reference by other consumers.

This site is operated and run by the very popular site Netflix. Its main feature is nothing but its simplicity of usage. It is one of the simplest sites and perfect for users who find themselves technically amateur. After conducting the speed test, it puts forward the complete Mbps data of your internet connection for your analysis.

Being a product of Netflix, it ensures high definition content and high speed downloading. Also, it is accessible almost everywhere. It simply shows the net speed result without going into much details.

This is probably one of the best sites for testing the speed of your internet connection. is a speed testing site that is based on HTML5 and functions on real-world browsing as well as downloading situations.

They access the files, monitor and record the speed of your download. It gives you a graphical description of the same. This way, you can monitor the present as well as past processing speeds. It also helps you to recognize the fastest of all the servers on which it operates.



Talking about the third in the list, Speedsmart is another impressive site to keep a check on your internet speed. It is also based on HTML5 and is one of the most convenient and smooth sites for the purpose of speed test diagnosis. This provides you the uploading and downloading of data.

In case you want to dig deep into the problem diagnosis, then it also provides you the feature of pinging in the information. However, if you are just interested in knowing the speed of your connection, then this feature is not of much help to you.

Moreover, it also gives you an app that enables you to save the speed test results. However, this site is problematic for tinkering users or gaming geeks.


Internet health test

This site is of great help to those users who are interested in getting an overall complete outlook of their internet services and performance especially at times when it is pushed. However, this process takes a lot more than other sites but then it is worth it if you are keen about the minutest details.

It tests the connection on a number of servers to see how reliably it works in different circumstances. Thus, if you have time to invest and wish to know all the researched details related to your internet connection, then this site is what sorts out all your needs. is a speed testing site that gives you not only the individual data but along with it, you get to receive an overall comparative analysis. It provides you the choice of downloading and uploading the test separately and you can also try both of them.

Firstly, you have to download it and then run the speed test. As a result, you get the speed analysis of your own device as well as a comparative analysis between your device and other users’ device.

This will make it easier for you to determine your position among the others. Along with the graphical representation of the result data, it also provides the entire result in completely documented and easily understandable guides.

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