SyncMate Review – File Sync Software for Mac

Are you someone who has been looking forward to sync data between other devices and Mac? If yes, this tedious task has never gotten easier, thanks to SyncMate.

This software called SyncMate ensures that the changes that are done to your files are copied without any fail. In short, this is deemed to be a sole and best option for multiple devices.

SyncMate - File sync software for Mac

Usually, syncing data into Mac devices is a Herculean task but when you have this Electronic Team software, you can easily overcome this difficulty with Goodsync alternatives. To know more on this software, read on the details given below.

SyncMate – More on it

In the words of a layman, this is a one-stop drag and drop solution of the tough task of synchronizing various virtual and physical devices to your Mac device. It could be iOS, Android or even other Mac computers.

They have other cloud storage devices like google drive, dropbox or other MTP devices as well. SyncMate is one of the most trustworthy solutions that you can ever get for syncing files to your Mac device.

SyncMate -How it syncs accounts and devices

Synchronizes Mac with other devices

There’s no doubt when we say that SyncMate is the best sync software for mac that lets you file sync mac with other devices simultaneously. The devices may be Android, unlimited number of iOS devices, MTP devices and other Mac devices too.

This negates the requirement of purchasing different sync solutions to sync your Mac with any of the devices. All you need is download SyncMate and start using it.

Synchronize Mac with other online accounts

SyncMate can also sync data not just with other devices, as mentioned earlier, but also with cloud storages and other online accounts. You’ll be surprised to be able to sync data with Office 365 and Outlook account, Google account, iCloud storage and even with your Dropbox account.

SyncMate – How does it work?

SyncMate has the capability of syncing calendars, reminders, contacts, bookmarks from Safari, iPhoto and iTunes. Even more, SyncMate can also copy SMS messages that you can read and search through.

SyncMate has one more interesting option of deleting all calendar events, contacts, your to-do lists on Mac computer or any other iOS device. You can also flip through the call log of your iPhone directly through your Mac. However, this is not only possible on your iOS but also on other Android devices.

In case you’re using SyncMate 7, you’ll be given several other options for using this software. You may also get access to your media files, personal data and bookmarks through Mac with the help of SyncMate for Android. In other words, this software can be used both for Mac and Android file transfer.

SyncMate Free Version

When you choose the free version, you can still get connected to different devices. You can sync your calendar and contacts and you also get to do background synchronizing, read your SMS and an activity log.

SyncMate Expert Version

By using the expert version of this software, you can do everything that you get in the Free version. The expert version of SyncMate syncs folders, videos, sends SMS from Mac and exports them right from backup.

You may also sync to-do lists, call history, multiple devices, reminders and convert the media files to famous formats, mount device in the form of a disk and take backups.

So, it can rather be claimed that SyncMate is a type of software that is user-friendly and can be easily set-up. It is one of the easiest solutions of syncing numerous devices.

Types of data that you can sync with SyncMate

The things that you can sync using this software depends on the service you’ve connected to your Mac. Here are few options to look forward to.

  • Photos: You can choose definite photo folders which you want to sync between devices. You also have to decide whether you wish to sync from the chosen device to your Mac or go the other way round.
  • SMS: Once you receive the entire list of your text messages sorted by recipients, you’ll decide whether to export the total collection or a few individual conversations.
  • Calls: You also get a list of your calls, apart from the date, time and duration of each of the calls. You can sort out the calls by missed, outgoing and received.
  • Folders: With SyncMate, you can sync folders through any device and choose the folder on your Mac and then on the device you wish to sync. You can decide to exclude chosen file types and paths or determine how to solve sync problems.
  • Contacts: You can individually choose which contacts you want to sync. These are displayed on connected devices which you wish to sync. You decide whether you want to sync both ways whether it is from the device to your Mac.

Services and Devices that SyncMate supports

There are many options that you can leverage with SyncMate, like Android devices and iOS devices, Google accounts and MTP devices.

The number of services and devices that are supported by SyncMate is one of the most vital features. Moreover, keeping everything synced can become a tough challenge but SyncMate makes this a vital part of your life easier with all the required features.

SyncMate – How much does it cost?

In the free version, you may sync Contacts and Calendar. To enjoy the sync, you can choose wide range of functionalities and services. For the expert version, the costs are as follows.

  • $39.95 for personal use and can be used up to 2 Macs.
  • $59.95 for the entire family and can be used up to 6 Macs.
  • $99.95 for business and can be used up to 10 Macs.
  • $199.95 for unlimited use and can be used for unlimited Macs.

There is real value to SyncMate as it is useful for syncing your online library through all services and devices. SyncMate can fix and recovering everything without you even noticing it.

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