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Drew Daniel is an American Actor, Lawyer (needs verification) and reporter.

Drew Daniel | Big Brother Winner Wiki and Biography

Drew Daniel - Big Brother 5 Winner

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1] Drew’s Early Life

Daniel was born on April 28, 1982, in Springfield, Ohio, United States of America. Theodore did several odd jobs in the past, and he was a student at the time of Big Brother series. He moved from Ohio to Miami to continue education.

Drew did not stop education after completing high school and the young man enrolled to pursue high education. The thriving young man enrolled to study business and graduated from Miami University in business.

Daniel is not a one-child of the family because he has a twin brother, who born 60 seconds later. The S5 winner is the older brother to twin brother, and they have 60 seconds difference between them only. The knowledge gained from business classes did help the young Drew gain momentum in his life.

Anthony knowledge in business tactics and decision making helped him later on in life. You must have witnessed it in Big Brother Season five as well. Millions of viewers have witnessed Drew’s impressive decision-making skills on television.

2] Big Brother Participation

Big Brother is a popular reality series on Television aired on CBS in America. Millions of people already know about the Big Brother show, and Anthony did not consider participating in it at first. However, the encouragement from his brother, family, and friends drove him to apply for an audition.

The production team of BB S5 landed in Ohio and Miami, and the young man recently completed his education from Miami University. Fortunately, BB S5 team shortlisted Drew for a physical audition, and he made it in top thirteen contestants.

The young man did not know anyone from the shortlisted contestants, and he met them all inside the house. The format of the show did work out for him from the very beginning, and Anthony had several ups and downs during the show. Daniel spent 82 days in the house, and he fought to stand in the first place.

The Season-five winner had several controversial moments in the show, and it led to several minutes of attention each episode. He developed a love angle with Diane Henry (another contestant) and Drew made a really good friend inside the house.

3] Big Brother Season Five Winner

Clever decisions in the house helped him reach four times Head of Household in the season. He is first-ever to win the title of Head of Household in the Big Brother history, and no one can deny it.

The romantic angle with Diane Henry gained a lot of attention from the viewers, and it ended up with a lot of coverage. Everyone from the media started to cover it on TV shows, News, and Newspapers.

Many believed that he started to work with Diane to grab attention and consume a lot of footage. The housemates also believed it and while some of the masses found true love in it.

Regardless of love or no love, it gained him a lot of popularity among the housemates. Majority of the housemates loved the presence of the young man, and it assisted him to develop important relationships in the house.

Drew developed a healthy friendly relationship with Michael, which ended up as the best decision he made in the house. Both contestants reached the finale while evicting others from the house. The duo did an excellent job of keeping the relationship healthy, and it increased the bond.

Both between Daniel and Michael is so strong, Drew selected his friend over his love. As a result, Daniel left the show taking Big Brother S5 title home.

Drew Daniel: $500,000

MichaelCowboyEllis: $50,000.

4] Life after Newly-Found Fame

The young man did not take time to work in the show business, and he accepted the contract to work as a reporter in “The Bold and the Beautiful.” However, the television industry took a lot of time to give the S5 winner a few roles. In the end, he played small parts in shows like He were Such a Girl in 2005 and Related in 2009.

However, he could not make it big in the entertainment industry as an actor or an entertainer. Drew did not appear in any reality show, television show, or movie in a decade.

Where are they now?

According to a Reddit thread, the group is known as The Four Horsemen and Daniel are one of them. Drew charged with battery (domestic violence) after getting physical with his twin brother in 2012 and served a few hours behind bars. He is working as a lawyer (not sure) in Ohio or Miami.


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5] Net Worth

Anthony graduated from Miami University in business, and he did save up a lot of winnings money. Daniel has a net worth of $100,000 in total.

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