3 Tips That Will Help You Master Working From Home

Working from home comes with a lot of benefits especially for those who loathe daily commutes to and from work or ones who find it hard to work from an office cubicle.

However for someone who has just made the switch from a regular desk job to working remotely, getting the hang of working from the comfort of their own home can take some time getting used to.

Ways To Master Working From Home


In fact, during the early stages of working from home, many people have confessed to feeling less motivated to get any work done along with a feeling of lethargy and general discouragement.

This is nothing to get worried about since most of us associate our homes with a place where we can relax and let loose and having to get into the habit of regularly working from there can be a bit of a shock to the entire system,

This is why we have prepared this piece today where we discuss three vital tips that will put you in the right frame of mind so that you can continue being productive even if you work from home.

1] Having a Designated Workplace

It can be pretty difficult to motivate yourself to work if you are lounging in a couch or lying down in your comfortable bed. So in order to get yourself in the right frame of mind, it can often be helpful to have a designated workspace like a desk or a table where you can set your laptop down everyday and begin working.

Also one of the reasons that you seem to be incapable of putting in long hours while working from home can be because of bad posture. While couches and cushioned chairs are great for casual conversations and dinners, they aren’t meant to kept your spine straight and your mind focussed at work for an extended period of time.

Having a Designated Workplace


This is why it is often a good investment to purchase an ergonomically designed office chair with lumbar support so that you can continue putting in the hours even from your home office!

2] Having a Designated Office Day

If you find yourself missing the company of your co workers on multiple occasions during working from home, then you could be missing the social aspects of going to office. The easiest way to remedy this is to have a day in the week where you can meet up with another colleague who works from home as well and then together set up shop somewhere .

Also if the daily commute to work is not too strenuous for you, then you could also consider dropping into your own office once a week maybe for staff meetings. This is a good way of keeping in touch with your co workers and also keeping abreast of the latest developments at your job.

3] Setting Boundaries

This one is the most important as it can adversely affect everything including your health. At a 9 to 5 job you have a scheduled period where you are off work, and once you are away from those office doors, you have left your work life behind.

However working from home means that you are not never truly away from your laptop and the desire to get just ‘one more thing done’ can prove to be disastrous for both your mental as well as physical well being!

Now while these are the 3 of the most important tips to have a great work from home experience, remember there are a lot more little things that can help make this transition easier.

Cleaning up your environment, organising your work week and setting up skype meetings with your colleagues can all go a long way towards making your work from home feel much more smoother and less jarring of a experience. And if you still end up feeling unhappy, then maybe this quote might help you gain some perspective.

“Choose a Job You Love, and You Will Never Have To Work a Day in Your Life”.

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