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Top Strategies for Essay Writing

Writing is among the most intimidating tasks for students. Students are often inclined to assume that writing is a gift bestowed on few people. However, this is far from the case. Like any skill, writing can be improved with ample practice and adopting proper essay writing techniques.

How To Write The Perfect Essay

How To Write The Perfect Essay

Read on to discover the best strategies for essay writing which will help you bring the wow-factor into your essays. Rank My Service is a go-to platform for expert guidance and professional thesis help.

Here are the top strategies to enhance your writing skills and secure a decent score without further ado.

Selecting a subject

Upon receiving an essay assignment, many students rush to start the essay to beat the deadline. Often, this approach gets them stuck at a corner when they are midway through the paper.

For a more comfortable experience, start by analyzing the question to understand the scope of the essay. Here, you should pay heed to the trigger words used for questioning and the specific idea being tested.

Next, brainstorm on the concepts you are familiar with on the topic and jot them down on a paper. These points will serve as a map for research and help you identify the critical areas to base your argument.

When selecting the subject, analyze the resources at your disposal and their position from your standpoint. Finally, engage recent journals in your field to identify the materials you can use to support arguments surrounding various outlooks within your argument.

Planning your argument

Having collected the resources to support your argument, you can formulate a plan for your essay. Within the plan, you may use a mind map to connect ideas to various questions within your discussion.

Preferably, sort your ideas into paragraphs, starting from your most vital points. Also, check for any loopholes within your argument and match each section to the supporting materials.

When preparing your mind map, research the issues surrounding your topic and the standpoints of other scholars. Recognize the reasons in support of your case and address the arguments made against your ideas.

However, you should provide new insight into the topic instead of echoing other scholars ideas. This is because a paper without fresh understanding may be deemed plagiarism. Finally, analyze the completeness of your argument and cut out the irrelevant materials.

Sentence structure

When writing an essay, many students pay attention to grammar and punctuation and ignore the more minor (yet logically essential) details like the sentence structure.

Often, a sentence comprising purely of long or short sentences may look congested, thus hard for a reader to follow through. Preferably, your essay should contain long and short sentences to be easily readable.


Plagiarism is among the reasons why students score poorly in their essay assignments. The severity of the challenge to manage plagiarism is the variety of apps geared toward identifying and resolving plagiarism in essay papers.

However, you do not necessarily require sophisticated software to manage plagiarism within your work. When researching, select the main ideas and concepts and present them in your own words.

Avoid borrowing the words verbatim and properly reference borrowed portions of text. For plagiarism checking, invest in software that is devoted to academic work. Among the best plagiarism checkers for academic work are Turnitin and plagiarism X.

Editing and proofreading

Having invested a substantial amount of time in research, planning, and writing, you should fix minor errors to gain the best score. However, many students commit the mistake of diving into editing as soon as they are done typing the assignment.

For better results, take time off your paper to better identify the errors within your work. Alternatively, consult your peers as they are better placed to recognize your mistakes.

Also, editing software like Grammarly and Hemmingway may help you resolve the structure of your work and reduce the redundancy of repeated words.

Finally, consider professional proofreading help as they are more familiar with the academic field. However, insist that they track the changes made on your paper to help you improve your writing style and recognize the common errors within your work.

Finalize with the introduction

The introduction is the first impression you make on your reader. As such, it should captivate your readers and motivate them to interact further with your essay.

When starting on your paper, you have poor grounding on your argument’s scope and significant points. As such, it is wise to finalize with the introduction when you are better versed with the topic.

This results in a better introduction which shows your mastery of the subject and elucidates the critical points in your essay. Taking this approach helps you overcome writer’s block, thus enabling you to handle your paper quickly.

Choose a conducive environment for writing

The environment you select for your work has a significant impact on the quality of your essay. As such, the environment you choose for your essay should be free from distractions and noise and within proximity of research resources.

As such, you should find a location with good internet connectivity and away from distraction. Also, chunk your study sessions into smaller sessions to promote maximum interaction with the material.

This prevents you from exhaustion, thus ensures that you are productive in each session.

Time management

Regardless of the type of essay, meticulous time planning is required to prepare a foolproof essay paper. When preparing for your paper, assign a third of the time to research, collect materials, and prepare your plan.

Assign the other third to write your paper and finalize with editing and proofreading. When you have a busy schedule to see your essay through, you may delegate proofreading or writing to an expert, thus getting your ideas in the presentable form before the deadline.

However, ensure that your schedule provides ample time for sleep, thus retaining your mind’s ability to focus.

Final verdict

If approached with the right strategy, writing an essay need not be a nightmarish task for students. The tips in this article will help you manage, plan, and edit your essay, thus yielding better scores in your papers.

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