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Things to Consider Before Buying a Gaming Laptop

There are a lot of things that have to be considered when buying a gaming laptop. The configuration of the laptop as well as the brand both is important. For all you games lovers out there who don’t get the kick without the right laptop. the following article is going to help you pick from.

Things to Look Out Before Buying a Gaming Laptop


Gaming Laptop

Gaming Laptop


CPU: for a game to run smoothly the CPU must be powerful enough to handle the load. With the higher definition of games, multiplayer features and other huge requirements the processing must be efficient to be able to provide the right kind of experience especially for P2P multiplayer.

Intel core i7 quad core works perfectly for games like battlefield and watchdogs which would run slowly with a dual core i5 processor. You must not even consider AMD APU quad core, as they are even slower than Intel’s other stronger quad core processors.

Part 1 GPU: this is another thing that you have to thoroughly learn about before buying a gaming laptop as this is what creates those amazing visuals. HD graphics are hard to find in laptops so you can opt for NVIDIA Geforce GTX gpus. For games in of this era Geforce GTX 850M or GTX 760M will work perfectly fine. If you want the best out of the above choices then go for GeForce GTX 800 series for it has better features such as, battery boost, 3d surround on some models, and streaming if you use an NVIDIA Shield

Part 2 VRAM: plays an important role in storing the textures, frames and other necessary properties. Measuring the right amount of vram required is not possible. It is advisable to get a gaming laptop which offers the maximum vram just to have an upper hand with the configuration as the games that come in the future are always built on higher configurations than the ones currently in the market. For those of you worried about the cost, a GeForce gtx 850/760/860 having 2GB of vram with a resolution of 1080P will also work fine.

Resolution: For the best picture quality you might want to have 3k laptops. While buying these laptops you will also have to make sure that the GPU is powerful enough to handle this resolution. This will increase the cost of the laptop. For those of you who want more features in less money and are okay with FPS then 1080P is what you are looking for.

RAM or Memory: go for a good storage capacity device as these heavy games will require a lot of memory to store the game files. Basically all the heavy games will work easily on 8GB and it’s better than 6GB as the price difference is not much.

Drives: if one game does not satiate you then your laptop must have a huge hard drive as the size of games today has increased. Go for at least 1TB hard drive. For better functioning also get an SSD for higher boot times as it’s not just a gaming laptop after all.


There is a whole bouquet of companies out there to choose from. Ultimately it boils down to the configuration, colour and design of the laptop. These are some of the personal preferences that you will have to check upon according to your budget.

3. Extras:

Assembled laptops won’t need such a thorough inspection but in case you are opting for a custom laptop then this tutorial must be at the back of your hand to get the right device in the right price.

SLI laptops: Lenovo y500/y510p and Arous X7 gaming laptop are really an eye candy with their dual gpus in the picture. This is one of the SLI Laptops that is recommendable and you must not rule it out of consideration just because it doesn’t have NVIDIA optimus.


Another factor that a lot of us worry about before buying a gaming laptop is the budget. Before investing into any gadgets you must make sure that you are buying nothing less than the best in the possible budget. Understand the choices and the features of various gaming laptops and the range that suits you best.

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