5 Reasons You Should Get Avaya Phones for Your Company

Getting the right phone system is important for any company. Without a great phone system, you wouldn’t be able to have reliable means of communication between employees and customers. Without good communication, the efficiency and productivity of your company would suffer. This is why you should consider choosing one that is both reliable and innovative.

Why You Should Choose Avaya Phones for Company

Get Avaya Phones for Your Company

Avaya Phones

Avaya Phone Systems, develop by the technological legend Bell Labs, is an innovative phone system like no other. Considered to be the world’s number one business phone system, with Avaya you have access to the latest phone technology. With several communication companies offering Avaya phones system with their services, you have a wide range of options on how you could implement this phone system in your company right now.

You might wonder, why choose Avaya phones? The answer is simply because they could bring a lot of competitive advantages to your company, including:

Increase in your company’s productivity.

You think your company is as productive as it should be? With an Avaya phone system, you would get a reliable and a dependable phone system. Just a single downtime in your company’s network will most likely affect your whole operation. With phones, fax machines, and emails down, your employees will not be able to do anything. Also, your clients will find it hard to commune with you, meaning that you will only waste money, and increase the chance of losing customers. With a phone system like Avaya, you can prevent such things from happening. You are always assured that your company is at its maximum efficiency and productivity.

Increased productivity.

An Avaya phone system is compatible with a multitude of devices, including PDAs and cellphones, giving you access to the system wherever you may go. Using this feature enables you to work on the road with your cell phone. You would be able to answer phone calls and contact your employees through your phone acting as your desk phone, thus providing you and your employees’ mobility with work.

Saves you more money.

Since an Avaya phone system uses a digital line, transferring both data and voice on one line, it eliminates the need for multiple cables. Traditional phone systems use two lines; one is your phone line while the other is a T1 line. With Avaya, you combine both of these into one line to create a converged network. This saves you money you would have otherwise spent on two lines, while at the same time makes your communication system easier and simpler.

Avaya phone systems offer a call center feature.

With the call center feature included in Avaya phone systems, your customer service experience is greatly enhanced. When your customers call your company, Avaya phones systems automatically enter their information and provide data about the customer in the computer. This gives you and your employees all the necessary information without having to let the customers wait. Avaya phone systems also ensure that the right agent is reached by your customers.

It enables you to have a centralized server.

If your company has multiple locations, Avaya phones systems allows you to connect all phone systems to a central server. This ensures that all information could be accessed at any location, thus making customer experience consistent throughout your company. 🙂

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