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Vivo 5G Mobiles: Check Out Features, Prices and More

Taking the smartphone industry by storm, vivo has produced some of the most reliable and camera-centric 5G smartphones across segments in the recent past. Moreover, the Chinese firm made sure you no longer have to pay more for the privilege of owning a flagship device.

Thanks to the manufacturer’s diverse handset portfolio, you can grab a feature-packed and future-proof vivo 5G mobile for half the price of premium segment devices.

Vivo 5G phones are equally admired by camera enthusiasts, millennials and those who just want a new and flashy phone in their hands.

Vivo 5G Mobiles

That said, there’s always a vivo phone for everyone, no matter your taste, preference and budget. By bringing the latest technology and cutting-edge innovation to the affordable segment, the brand has also succeeded in meeting ever-increasing customer expectations.

To truly understand and appreciate vivo’s innovative prowess and ingenuity, it is important to know about the stand-out features of vivo 5G smartphones. We take a closer look at the different features and specifications that have propelled vivo to the very top of the smartphone industry.

Features of a vivo 5G Smartphone


Most of the smartphones available in the market – except for iPhone Mini models – come with large displays. Vivo has followed this trend and depending on your budget range, you can either opt for vivo handsets with LCD panels, AMOLED screens or Quad HD displays.

For instance, vivo X80 Pro – vivo’s flagship handset – comes with an awe-inspiring 6.78-inch Quad HD display. With DisplayMate A+ certification, this large screen allows you to experience the thrill of fluid, vibrant and vivid visuals.

This handset is available for less than ₹80,000, and can compete with other premium handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy S22 and iPhone 14.

RAM Expansion Technology

One of the recent tech upgrades that earned the brand numerous plaudits is its RAM expansion technology. With the Android 12-based FuntouchOS 12 skin, select vivo smartphones have been endowed with the ability to increase their virtual RAM from 8GB to 12GB (4GB of virtual RAM).

Today, even mid-range vivo smartphones come with the Extended RAM 2.0 feature, which allocates a part of the unused storage space to be used as additional RAM. This, in turn, significantly improves the smartphone’s performance.


Some of the best camera phones are offered by vivo, as the brand continues to collaborate with ZEISS to co-engineer cameras for its premium handsets. The vivo X80 Pro, for instance, packs breathtaking cameras that let you capture professional-grade images.

Even mid-range phones like the vivo V23e 5G – costing ₹25,000 – flaunt spectacular cameras, which has trickled down to the budget handsets. The vivo T1 5G, which is currently priced below ₹17,000, is a testament to vivo’s efforts, as it packs a stellar 50MP triple-rear camera system.

Fast Charging Capabilities

Coming to the fast charging standards, vivo has developed 33W Flash Charge and 120W Super Flash Charge technologies.

You can find vivo smartphones that support Flash Charge in the budget and mid-range segments, while premium handsets come with Super Flash Charge support. Thus, you won’t have to worry about charging interludes while using vivo handsets.

Fast Processors

From flagship MediaTek Dimensity processors to mid-range MediaTek Helio and Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets, vivo smartphones are powered by potent processors.

Premium vivo mobiles are powerhouses, while the mid-range and budget phones are workhorses. Furthermore, the latest processors support the next-gen 5G network. Thus, vivo 5G mobiles are popular among consumers across the price spectrum.

Captivating Designs

Another feature that separates vivo phones from the pack is the stellar design elements of the models. Regardless of the price tag, vivo mobile phones sport a slim profile.

However, models like the vivo V23e 5G come with a colour-changing Fluorite AG glass, granting it a stunning look. Thus, even mid-range vivo smartphones can be easily mistaken for premium flagship models.


Vivo 5G phones – or even the conventional vivo smartphones that do not support 5G networks are feature-packed devices. Within a short period, the brand has crafted a legacy of unrivalled performance.

Vivo smartphones tick all the right boxes – in terms of their features, specifications and designs. You can buy impressive vivo 5G mobile phones in the budget, mid-range and premium segments that will provide an enhanced user experience.

When it comes to the latest smartphones, you will come across plenty of feature-packed offerings in the market. Vivo 5G smartphones, however, provide you with the best value-for-money deals. So, should you decide to grab a new 5G smartphone for yourself this year?

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