How to Cast Urethane Rubber

Cast urethane

Cast urethane or polyurethane is a procedure in which we use high-quality equipment to manufacture tons of products daily.It is one of the most popular methods to make plastic and rubber parts. Parts can be manufactured at a rapid rate with precision and quality.

Cast Urethane Rubber

The product can be planned and manufactured. The pipeline, oil, and gas industries can find solutions to their problems through a similar process.

It forms a final product of any desired shape by introducing material inside the respective mold or cavity. The primary step is to bring two material liquids to close together that perform the chemical reaction with each other and convert into the desired geometrical shapes.

The mechanism seems to be simple. Indeed, there is a series of hidden scientific techniques behind the actual method.

What are the features of Rubber?

Rubber is obtained naturally as well as synthetically. It is a material that is found naturally in trees and synthetically in petroleum products.

It is:

  • Tough (tires).
  • Resistant to water and chemicals (gloves).
  • Elastic (rubber bands).
  • Resistant to low temperatures.
  • Intense and rugged to tear.
  • Resistant to erosion.

These are some salient features that make it worthy of being used in a wide range of industrial applications. These characteristics lead to its utilization in tires, first for bicycles and then for the automobile.

Here are some other prominent features of rubber.

Rubber Trees

When you cut a rubber tree, a milky sap release out. This sap is called latex that is produced by special cells in the rubber tree. The latex of the rubber tree has elasticity and flexibility. These trees have been cultivated in South-Asian countries.


When you take a rubber band and release it after stretching it, it returns to its original position. This characteristic of rubber is called elasticity.

The experts have explained this phenomenon. According to them, rubber consists of layers which are stacked on each other. When they are stretched, these stacked layers extend along the rubber’s length and cause an increase in it.

Contraction by Heat

In contrary to all materials, rubber undergoes contraction by heat. It occurs because its molecules tangle with each other through heat. When heat is removed, it returns to its previous position if the stretching is stopped.

Steps of Cast Urethane Rubber

There are two ways in which the cast urethane process can be performed.

  1. With gravity-fill molds.
  2. And with pressure-fill molds.

With Gravity-fill molds

They are slightly self-descriptive methods. It is the best procedure for manufacturing prototype products. They can also be used for short to medium production times of the products.

With Pressure-fill molds

This procedure involves the introduction of the material into mold cavities by using special instruments such as an injection ram or a screw-type jumper.

The heated material in the bin moves with the plungers. The plunger pushes the molten substance through a narrow nozzle and into the mold cavity in the forward direction.

Applications of Cast Urethane

Cast urethane has an important industrial significance. It is used to deal with a large number of prototypes in cheap expenditures. In the First Part, cast urethane is used to manufacture many useful plastic materials that we use in our daily lives.

They are used in.

  • Engineering Models: These materials are used for making models of buildings for understanding every dimension of buildings.
  • Tires: Strong cast urethane is used in the manufacturing of tires.
  • Sports: It is used for making footballs, balls, volleyballs, etc.
  • Plastic Industry: It is utilized for making plastic utensils and things of daily use in the plastic industry.
  • Rollers: It is used to make rollers installed in photocopying machines, printers, and fax machines, etc.
  • Tubes: It is used for manufacturing tubes of tires of vehicles.
  • Medical types of equipment: It is also used in the medical field to make certain medical instruments.

Besides these, cast urethane is used in several industrial processes to manufacture a large variety of useful compounds.

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