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7 Reasons Why a Chanel Handbag Is a Worthy Investment

Looking at the expensive price tag on a Chanel handbag can give anyone a case of sticker shock but that handbag could end up becoming your most prized possession – and rightly so!

A well-chosen Chanel designer handbag can last forever and become that one piece in your wardrobe that takes your style from bleak to chic. And what’s more chic than an iconic Chanel bag?

Chanel Handbag Is a Worthy Investment

With timeless designs and classic features, Chanel handbags are worth every penny. Each bag is beautifully crafted and always super stylish, adding just the right amount of luxe style to your wardrobe.

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Read on as we reveal the top 7 reasons why a Chanel handbag is a worthy investment.

1] Chanel Handbags will increase in value over time

A designer handbag is the opposite of a brand-new car – instead of losing value the minute it’s taken off the lot, your new Chanel bag will only increase in value over time. That’s because the market for designer handbags, especially a designer like Chanel, is steady and will hold its worth.

If you can keep your bag in good condition for 10 years or more, you’re almost guaranteed to make a pretty penny if you decide to resell it. Chanel bags have been known to increase in value by over 70%. Keep in mind neutral colors, especially black, tend to have the best resale value.

2] High-end designer bags never go out of style

Fashion is an ever-changing thing, but there is nothing more timeless than a Chanel bag from Luxurytastic. Your clothes may change from season to season, but your bag will often stay the same.

An investment piece like a handbag can truly stand the test of time and take you from day to night, winter to summer, easily and timelessly. Just make sure you’re choosing a style that’s classic and not “on trend” – like Chanel’s classic flap bag.

It’s that timeless staple that only gets better with time. And it’s guaranteed to be a piece that will be loved by generations to come.

3] It makes a statement

You might be dressed in head to toe designer clothes or have an outfit directly from the aisles of your local department store, but nothing stands out more than your beautiful designer bag from Chanel.

It’s the one thing that people take notice of and is the biggest statement maker of any outfit. Not only that, your bag is the most useful accessory you can carry. Whether you’re looking for something casual or dressy, a designer handbag will definitely take your outfit to the next level.

4] Chanel purses = Quality that will last

Buying an expensive bag means you’re not only paying for the name, you’re paying for the quality. High-end bags like Chanel are made with quality materials that will stand the test of time.

Designers use the latest and greatest technology and fabrics in their bags to ensure they can withstand the wear and tear of daily use. This also means that they can easily be fixed if they become damaged or broken.

5] It’s a capsule wardrobe piece

We all buy things that we like one season and then toss the next. But unlike fast fashion, a timeless Chanel bag in a neutral color is one that will go with just about anything and can take you from day to night in an instant.

It’s a piece that you love and will love season after season. In today’s world of less is more, a great designer handbag like a Chanel looks amazing year after year.

6] It’s a designer brand that’s been around for decades

Chanel is one of those iconic designers that’s been around for decades – and rightly so. Investing in a designer piece is only good if you know the designer and know that they’re going to be around for years to come.

Chanel is definitely one of those designers. If you were to buy a bag from a designer no one’s ever heard of, then chances are when you go to sell it years down the road you won’t get nearly as much as you paid for it. But with a well-known designer like Chanel, you know you’re getting a quality bag that will only appreciate in value over time.

7] It’s a bag that you can use everyday

A great designer piece like a Chanel handbag is something that you’ll definitely use every day, every season. The large price tag might seem like a bit of a shock at first but when you break it down the overall cost per use is more than reasonable!

Think about it this way – an expensive dress can only be worn a few times per season whereas a Chanel bag can be used day after day, for a whole year (or more)! Your price per use is more than reasonable. It definitely justifies the high price you have to pay.

So Will You Buy A Chanel Purse?

The decision to buy an expensive handbag like a Chanel is one that most people don’t take lightly. When deciding whether or not to take the plunge, remember why you’re doing it in the first place.

If you know it’s something you love and will keep using for the next 10 years or more, then it might just be worth that initial high price tag. A Chanel bag is a timeless piece that will see you through many wardrobe changes.

It’s that one piece you can go back to time after time with the confidence in knowing it will see you through any wardrobe crisis. It could also end up being that once piece in your wardrobe that actually makes you some money.

Putting your hard-earned money down on one single Chanel bag might seem like a big deal, but if you keep these 7 reasons in mind, it might just make the purchase that much easier to make! Besides, who wouldn’t love a new Chanel bag?

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