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MyUKMailbox The UK Parcel and Packaging Service, Are you crazy about shopping? Well, who isn’t? The trend of online shopping has been made so easy these days that recently, a wide range of products grab my attention and I quickly thought of gifting one of my friends for his marriage. But unfortunately, I came to know that these online UK stores only deliver within the UK. Some even do shipping overseas, but they charge double.

UK Parcel and Packaging Service – MyUKMailbox


There were few products that were only available in the UK stores while some were unique. I was disappointed, yet didn’t lose my hope to get the product. So, I started pondering through the Internet and came across a solution.

Do you want to know what solution I came across?

I came across a UK package and a parcel forwarding service, MyUKMailbox which luckily delivers the products anywhere in the world as per the requirements of the customer. It is reliable as well as affordable and a safe UK service which is available to all. Now, we can easily shop online from the UK stores and get the products on our doorstep by following few simple steps.

How MyUKmailbx Works?


• While signing up with the MyUKMailbox, you receive your own UK Sheffield Street address, which is your own UK mailbox address.

• After signing up, now it’s time for shopping. Just choose the products from the UK online stores and order them.

• While ordering the products, you have to fill up your MyUKMailbox address.

You are DONE!

The rest will be handled by them. Isn’t that really easy and simple?

Now, the items which you will order will be delivered to MyUKMailbox’s warehouse where the shipment will be received as one consolidated pack. This will help you in saving your money and the best thing is that they don’t charge extra or have any hidden terms and conditions. So, after ordering your product, you just have to be a little patient.

What MyUKMailbox Offers?

Apart from delivering the products and giving you the UK Street address, MyUKMailbox offers the customers with a variety of services.

• Photo Service

This service of MyUKMailbox is unique because it takes the photos of the products which you ordered after they arrive at the warehouse. This helps in ensuring that the products are correctly received as per the order and are perfectly intact.

• Scan and Email

This service of MyUKMailbox helps the customers in opening the letters followed by scanning them and emailing them. This not only saves your time but even the postage costs.

• Address Book

If you have a premium account, then this service will be available to you. This service basically allows the users to forward the products to their family and friends.

• Parcel Consolidation and Repacking

Sometimes people order different products from different brands and thus they are delivered separately. But, the MyUKMailbox has a parcel consolidation and repacking service which helps in saving time and money as well as delivers all the products in a single pack.

• BuyForMe

Few of the UK stores might not accept your credit or debit card and thus, MyUKMailbox comes to the rescue with its BuyForMe service which buys the products on the behalf of the customer. This service is quite affordable as it charges 10% of the purchase.

• Re-invoicing

By far, re-invoicing is one of the best and unique features of MyUKMailbox because it helps in saving lots of money when the product passes through the custom.

• Insurance

You can avail the insurance service by MyUKMailbox for protecting your products from any damage or loss.

• Free Storage

For free members, MyUKMailbox offers 14 days of free storage while it is for 45 days for the premium members.

Pricing and Membership Plans

MyUKMailbox offers the users with 3 types of Membership Plans, including Starter, Basic and Premium. Each of the options has different services to offer.

Myukmailbox pricing

You must be thinking that why we should use MyUKMailbox. We would say that sometimes there are some incredible products which grab our attention, but we couldn’t really able to buy because UK online store doesn’t ship to any country. So, to solve this problem, the MyUKMailbox has been launched for shipping the products from UK online store to any part of the world.

MyUKMailbox Review

MyUKMailbox Review

So, now what you are waiting for?

Just open your MyUKMailbox account (Parcel and Packaging Service), get the UK Street address and enjoy shopping from UK stores. 🙂

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