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Yoshi Rinrada Thurapan: Bio, Profile, Education, Career, Boyfriend, Family and Awards

Rinrada Thurapan, also known as Yoshi, is a Thai actress and model who won Miss Tiffany’s Universe 2017, a beauty pageant for Thai transgender women in Thailand. She is one of Thailand’s most gorgeous transsexual women. This Thai beauty came to prominence as an actor and model during an acting stunt in 2014. The drama was named Lovesick: The Series. In this article, we will go more into the details of Yoshi Rinrada Thurapan’s Bio, Profile, Education, Career, Boyfriend, Family and Awards

Yoshi Rinrada Thurapan Biography

Bio, Education and Family

Rinrada Thurapan was born on February 5, 1997, in Roi Et, Thailand, and she presently lives in Bangkok with her family. Her parents discovered she was transsexual when she was born, and she lived her whole 18-year existence as such. Doctors believe that after a few procedures, she will be able to function normally. Yoshi had female hormone injections when he reached that age. She underwent breast augmentation surgery, but she chose not to flaunt her curves as much as other models. Yoshi picked a natural style with a soft fashion sense that exudes heavenly beauty.

Yoshi further stated that she believed she was a female when she was 14 years old. Since then, she’s begun to wear skirts, use cosmetics, and have long hair like a female. This beauty didn’t have transsexual surgery till the age of 18. Yoshi was found when she entered a transsexual beauty contest as a student. After that, she drew the attention of several filmmakers and appeared in several films. At the age of 18, she underwent surgery, and after a while, she regained her natural gender and became a regular lady. She received her primary education at Matthayom Wat That Thong School and then attended Bangkok University.

Many people think her appearance is the result of cosmetic surgery. However, she has revealed that it isn’t. She claimed to have quite feminine characteristics from birth. She was born with beautiful eyes and a nice nose, and all she did was undergo a little lip operation and breast implants. Otherwise, everything else is natural.


Her gorgeous looks managed to make Bao, a wealthy businessman from Taipan, China, fall to his knees under his charm. The businessman was even eager to marry Yoshi despite knowing that he was transsexual. The beginning of their acquaintance occurred when Bao visited Thailand on business. Later, Bao met Yoshi in Thailand, and they fell in love at first sight.

Their domestic life is likewise rather steady. Despite Yoshi’s status as a transvestite, Bao remains faithful to him and does not marry another woman. Bao stated that Yoshi had the same physique as a regular lady. Bao stated, “Yoshirin’s body is exactly the same as that of a normal woman, and it won’t affect the lives of husband and wife between us”.


Yoshi Rinrada Thurapan is a well-known Thai actress and model who has a large following. Yoshi appeared in the film “Lovesick: The Series” two years ago, which also helped her name become known as “alcohol”. Yoshi now has a large number of fans. Her Instagram feed has almost one million followers. Because of her pure, lovely, and angelic beauty, the new Miss Transgender Thailand has a large following not just in Thailand but across Asia. The internet community refers to her as the Thai equivalent of Angela Baby, also known as the “billion-billion-dollar fairy” of the Golden Temple.

Yoshi’s modeling and acting careers are currently thriving, and her name will undoubtedly become more well-known since she holds the title of Miss Yoshi. Before the final night, Yoshi Rinrada Thurapan was regarded as one of the most promising candidates for the title of Miss Tiffany’s Universe – Miss Transgender Thailand 2017. Yoshi Rinrada Thurapan’s beauty is regarded as significantly superior to the competition’s heavyweights, even surpassing Nong Poy. Yoshi is also not a new face in the Golden Temple’s entertainment sector, as she has previously worked as a model in several fashion shots and as an advertising model in Rock, Love Sick 2, Little Things, and Love Chew.

Love Sick: The Series is a Thai television series shown by Channel 9 since 2014. It is based on INDRYTIMES’s novel Love Sick: The Chaotic Lives of Blue Shorts Guys, which was originally written by Thai Boy. Phun already has a girlfriend, but his father wants him to date his friend’s daughter. Phun’s younger sister, Pang, is fascinated with guy love. Phun’s father does not listen to him properly, but he cherishes his little sister Pang. So Phun has to persuade Pang that he has a lover so that she may talk their father out of courting his friend’s daughter. Noh needs a larger school budget for his school club, or he will be in big trouble. Phun, knowing he can help Noh with his dilemma, decides to invite Noh to be his phony lover in exchange for assisting Noh in raising finances for his Music Club. However, the two 17-year-old high school lads fall in love when the transaction brings them closer together.

Gen Y is a Thai BL series about the cheeky flirting of two university students. Despite their opposing dispositions, the lovestruck protagonist falls for his polar opposite. When his attempts are repeatedly denied, this romantic infatuation becomes a test of honesty and tenacity. The intriguing relationship dynamic between the main pair is the driving factor behind Gen Y. The two main characters carry this BL drama with their witty banter, magnetic charm, and explosive chemistry. Mark, a gregarious engineering student, won the campus’s annual popularity contest. This coveted award has given him a boost of confidence in his already bloated ego. Mark is great friends with Wayu, a kind and polite man from an affluent family. Wayu is currently in a serious relationship with his lover Pha. They are happily in love, and their charming romance is the envy of the entire college.

Pha is a medical student. His best friend is Kit, a brilliant student in his field. When Wayu and Pha bring their friends to a supper, Mark falls for Kit. However, the sentiments aren’t reciprocated. Kit is put off by Mark’s swagger and finds his flirty attitude unpleasant. Mark is aware that his crush does not like him. However, this just reinforces his determination, and he continues to hit on Kit. After a poor first impression, Markups his game in the hopes of winning over Kit. He would wait outside the university building for a chance to talk to his crush. However, despite his honest attempts, Kit remains upset by him. Kit publicly criticizes his suitor and refuses to respond to any loving gesture. Nonetheless, Mark is tenacious and continues his courting after many rejections.


  • Marry Me in 30 Days
  • The Sign (2023)
  • Tin Tem Jai (2023)
  • The Interns (2023)
  • Gen Y Season 2 (2021)
  • Gen Y (2020)
  • Love Sick Season 2 (2015)


  • AcadeX
  • The Last Heroes (2018)
  • Zombie Fighters (2017)
  • Pard 888 (2016)
  • Joking Jazz 4G (2016)
  • Oh My Ghost 4 (2015)
  • There’s Something About Tott (2015)
  • App Love (2014)


  • Tin Tem Jai Special (2023)

TV Show

  • Hungry Tiger Game (2023)
  • The Wall Song (2020)
  • Guess My Age (2019)
  • Take You Home (2018)
  • Family Feud Thailad (2001)


  • In 2017, she won Miss Tiffany’s Universe, a beauty contest for Thai transgender women in Thailand.
  • She also finished second in the 2018 Miss International Queen pageant.
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