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5 Common Manufacturing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The manufacturing industry has evolved over the years, and as new technologies emerge, companies adopt different types of machinery and methodology to keep up.

Typically, the manufacturing process includes sourcing raw materials or parts and efficiently processing the sourced materials using machines, chemicals, and human labor.

Mistakes at any stage of the process can be damaging to the business.

Common Manufacturing Mistakes

Manufactured products are expected to meet certain standards to be approved for sale in the market. Also, to outshine your competitor, your products must stand out in quality.

It is estimated that 80% of US manufacturing companies have failed within 25 years of starting up.

This is due to avoidable mistakes commonly made by these companies management, especially the startups in the industry.

Common manufacturing mistakes and how to avoid them

Below are some of the common mistakes made by manufacturing companies and tips on how to avoid them.

Lack of prudence

The effective running of a manufacturing company can be capital-intensive. To avoid running at a loss, it is advisable to be prudent in all decisions, especially as regards finances.

Insufficient capital has been identified as a major reason manufacturing companies fail. Some owners fail to examine the revenue generated by sales of goods and compare it with the cost of production.

It is important to keep your expenses minimal without sacrificing production quality.

Management interested in the company’s success needs to evaluate how much is needed to run the business. Instead of acquiring brand-new fabrication machines, for instance, you may acquire a used one.

Some companies specialize in the sale of used machines. They are usually purchased from companies who decide to let go of them probably due to financial trouble.

Incorrect routing

Routing is an important technique in manufacturing that specifies the best sequence of operation at the lowest cost to yield the best quality.

It starts with deciding what materials, machines, and equipment, and employing needed manual skills to produce finished goods.

Poor routing will result in an inefficient production process and negatively affect the production results.

Incorrect routing can also increase the time of production, which may result in longer energy usage and the cost of labor. Hence, avoid the mistake of not optimizing your production routing.

Not monitoring machines

Proper maintenance is required for the normal operation of machines. They experience wear and tear and would need timely servicing to detect any defect before it becomes worse.

Also, before every use, there are manufacturers’ recommended checks that need to be performed.

As a user of these machines, you should understand possible problems that could arise and always be proactive in eliminating them.

Some companies ignore this, and such action can lead to an impromptu breakdown of the machine. This can be dangerous for workers operating the machine and could disrupt production.

Incomplete inspection checklist

Every year, there are reports of products recalled over defects. Your goods may also be banned from selling if they fall short of the safety and quality standard.

Manufacturing companies supplying other manufacturing companies need to make sure all the supplied products are up to the required standard. Failure to do these can lead to loss of business for the customer, which will invariably mean they may terminate their contract with you.

For every production, an inspection professional should check the process to ascertain it conforms with the checklist of specifications provided by the factory.

Before the inspection professional begins the quality control, management staff should always go through the checklist to confirm everything is in order.

Double-check with the inspection professional if the requirements are well understood. Any misinterpretation of the information on the checklist can produce many goods with defects.

Always rotate the inspectors because having one person on the job every time can lead to overconfidence and complacency.

Bad imagery and branding

For every manufactured product, there is a direct and indirect competitor. This is why packaging and branding are essential for market recognition.

You should not focus solely on quality; the imagery of your product is equally important. A product might be durable, affordable, and easy to use, but the potential sales volume might be reduced if it does not look appealing to consumers.

Your targeted customers and the use of your products should guide your product design. For instance, the aesthetics of bolts and nuts may not necessarily affect consumers’ decisions. However, products included in designs, such as electrical wall sockets, may need to appear luxurious to attract some special kinds of customers.

Invest in proper branding and consider building a website for your business to showcase and sell your products.

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